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Reasons to legalize Marijuana in India

Medical marijuana plants grow in a climate controlled growing room at the Tweed Inc. facility in Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada, on Nov. 11, 2015. Construction and marijuana companies are poised to benefit from the Liberal Party's decisive win in Canada's election, with leader Justin Trudeau vowing to fund infrastructure spending with deficits and legalize cannabis. Photographer: James MacDonald/Bloomberg via Getty Images

One of the most commonly used drugs in the whole world is Marijuana. Over 125 million people are using it illegally around the whole globe in some or the other form. People in India use Marijuana use it because they are bound to faith and mysticism. They consider it to be a healing medicine which provides you ecstasy in the original sense of the word. The country of India has been consuming and celebrating with charas, weed, and other such related drugs for over the centuries.


The major reasons why Marijuana should be legalized in India are as follows:

  1. The illegal trade will be eliminated with the legalization of Marijuana and all the associated crimes will also be reduced. If it will be legalized, then the black market production of marijuana will be totally stopped. Full rules and regulations will be laid and the trade will be handled by the people like government, merchants etc and not by the criminals.
  2. The legalization of marijuana and the taxing over it will let the government stand to earn very high revenue which will otherwise go in the hands of the drug cartels.
  3. This will lead to the increase in the rate of employment in the industry. Legalization for the purpose of recreation and some medical related purpose will create many new jobs and thus the unemployment rate will significantly get reduced.
  4. Many studies till now have depicted that there are dozens of medical benefits that are being associated with the usage of marijuana. The disease like glaucoma and cancer can be treated to some extent by its usage and also the metabolism of the body can be improved.Medical marijuana plants grow in a climate controlled growing room at the Tweed Inc. facility in Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada, on Nov. 11, 2015. Construction and marijuana companies are poised to benefit from the Liberal Party's decisive win in Canada's election, with leader Justin Trudeau vowing to fund infrastructure spending with deficits and legalize cannabis. Photographer: James MacDonald/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Thus, it is very important to have a look that which states have legalized marijuana and which are still against it to take the further measures.

Using an Ethereum Wallet


Technology has become so advanced nowadays that you are now able to create your own currency and use it to build your assets and success. With platforms such as Bitcoin coming in for you to create networks and accounts, it has now become a great avenue to create virtual money with animosity and ease. Aside from Bitcoin, there is a new platform that is deemed much more flexible and adaptable. This is where Ethereum comes along. But what exactly does Ethereum do? For those who aren’t tech-savvy but still would like in with the new online currency to boost their assets, we show you about Ethereum and the Ethereum wallet to help you get started! ethereum-wallet-developer-preview-750x300

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a platform where you are able to run smart contracts. It’s similar to Bitcoin but gives you the flexibility to create your own smart contract without pre-made codes. While it still holds a small user base, it is slowly growing and becoming known to the world as a nice alternative to Bitcoin for those who want the user-friendly interface. There is a small fee when using Ethereum, similar to Bitcoin, but is more affordable.ethereum-wallet-latest-beta-shapeshift

When using Ethereum, you will need an ethereum wallet, securing the ether and assets you created on the platform. It will also help you create and use smart contracts. There are a limited number of wallets available for you to use, but many of them are reputable and created by users of the platform themselves, with them being effective. When choosing an ethereum wallet, it’s best to look for one that has a good reputation and will be able to get the job done with ease. You are able to find available Ethereum wallets to download online, looking through reviews or asking trusted sources for recommendations.

Monogram Canvas Louis Vuitton – All You Need To Know About Louis Vuitton Handbags


Louis Vuitton handbags are extremely popular worldwide, mainly for their monogram designs. This particular monogram design is printed on the handbags and really makes the product look highly impressive. If you think of buying latest and high-quality handbag for the upcoming event it would be more than worth to consider the option of monogram canvas Louis Vuitton. These handbags are in production for many years and still going strong.

Without any doubt, Louis Vuitton handbags are the most popular handbags in the entire world. In order to get buy a Louis Vuitton handbag, you are required to create a huge hole in your pocket.  Well, it would always be worth to spend your hard earned money on these handbags as they will easily last for a very long time. You will not get bored as the handbags designs are timeless. Now if you have decided to buy a monogram canvas Louis Vuitton, you must see post and check out further details.


The online source has been specifically launched for the girls who are a bit new to the world of handbags and looking to collect some valuable information. Just apart from serving a wide range of options, it is easy to find some specific and important details regarding features. Is your selected handbag waterproof and fireproof? Is your selected handbag authentic? Is your selected handbag durable? When you are able to find answers to all these important questions, it really becomes a lot easy to buy a perfect handbag.

As a user, you need to understand the fact, Louis Vuitton is the most valuable brand and there are many fake manufacturers trying hard to sell duplicate products. Most of these products are sold online so it really becomes hard to escape. On the other hand, when you see post, you will come to know about the actual difference between original and duplicate Monogram canvas Louis Vuitton. It would be more than beneficial to follow the post details carefully and enrich your knowledge. Buying an expensive Louis Vuitton handbag which is not original is a huge mistake and hurt your pocket badly. In order to make the right call and buy an authentic handbag, you need to apply a quality and reliable online store. Always look for the features and unbiased reviews. Just remember there is nothing like cheap Louis Vuitton handbags.


The presence of discount offers will only assist in getting the handbag at reduced prices but not free of cost. Women accessories like handbags are best designed to enhance overall personality of a girl. If you want to present a strong style statement, there is a need to buy a perfect looking Louis Vuitton handbag which matches your outfit. If possible try to take guidance from an experienced candidate and buy the right handbag. Online stores are best known for offering nice offers and wide range but you need to be aware of the duplicate products which are designed to cheat you out.

Bring Out Your Girly Side With Stardoll


Remember those little paper dolls that you used to play with? Those were certainly fun times when the sight of paper doll in a new and fabulous paper dress would bring a big old smile on your face. Now we can’t even remember the last time we saw those dolls, but what if you told you that you that game developers have found a way to do relieve that feeling? Stardoll is an online game directed to those who love to play paper dolls. Even if you’re way over your doll phase, let your children have a go.



So basically, Stardoll is a browsers game that’s based on the concept of paper dolls. It was officially launched back in 2004, as of March 2014 there were over 300 million users worldwide. Players dress up their dolls with a variety of tools and can even join in on interactive games depending on the account that the player used. Not only that, but Stardoll features educational games that improve the quick thinking of the younger crowd. Also, the players can easily create clubs, these clubs can be used in communicating with various members.


Stardolls concentrate on girls with ages seven and up, but male users are also welcome to play. When members create an account, they are introduced to the game’s rules and regulations. Also, to get started, players are given 500 Starcoins and 20 Stardollars, this is what palyers will use to purchase their initial items and upgrades. Players can freely spend their Starcoins and Stardollars in the Starplaza; here you can buy clothes, make-up, accessories and other items to change your doll from simple to absolutely fabulous. Of course since it’s an interactive game, all the members can become friends and even give items to each other.

Buy Now: The Highest Thc Strains Are Here


THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is popular throughout the world, especially in complete medical science. Today, many people are suffering from a variety of diseases and a good treatment is indispensable for them. Here, we are going to talk about THC substance which is a natural substance found in some plants. This substance has many advantages and it is a very beneficial substance in cancer treatment. The best selling highest THC strains are here and you do not need to move anywhere else.

The cancer is a very big disease and it is the main cause of many deaths in this world. If you are the victim of this disaster, then it is really essential for you to move for a good treatment. Today, many artificial treatments are available, but maximum of them are worthless. Those artificial treatments are chemotherapy and radiations and both of them proceed with side effects. Actually, these artificial treatments used to kill cancer cells as well as general healthy cells which is really very bad. The THC is a natural way and it has the power to kill cancer cells without disturbing the general healthy cells.


There are many articles and places available online where you can find the information related to this. It is always recommended to move for natural treatments, especially when you can wait. Well, there is a big difference between natural and artificial. The natural treatments are used to proceed with slow speed and it takes time while the artificial treatments are instant. Here, you can easily find the highest THC strains such as Critical Super Silver Haze, Northern Lights, Strawberry Amnesia, Malawi, Cheese, Blue Monster Holk, Black Destroyer, Liberty Haze, AK 47V, Incredible Bulk, Blue Dream etc.

Many providers of THC are available online and offline. All the providers are different from each other, but it is recommended to move for quality providers. There are many quality providers available online and you just need to find the quality ones. How can you find the quality providers? There is only one way which is based on reviews. You have to read various reviews so that you can decide the best one. The reviews are very indispensable to read. Please do not move without reading the reviews. Those providers which are having positive reviews are always the best in terms of quality and satisfaction.


After choosing the best provider, you can place your order without any delay. With a single click, you will be done. The highest THC strains are here and they are the best. Well, the medical science is failed in front of this because it is formed with a different natural chemical. The researchers also proved that it is really beneficial to all cancer patients. It is a magic itself and need to be applied to all cancer patients. If you want to read some more related information, you can easily read via the web. The web has a complete detail based on this chemical.

Purchasing Weed Using Right Terms Of Quantity


There are many users in the marijuana market with more new entrants. With such a widening web, users should know more about what they are taking. Take a simple question like, how many grams in an eighth? You can be sure that almost three fourth of the crowd would not know much about measurements of marijuana. Maybe there are many who use marijuana as a gram or an eighth or a quad. But why it is called in these terms is not clear to many. So let us start with the basics.


Basic Measurement of the Weed

An eighth is almost one eighth of an ounce. Marijuana sellers sell weed in terms of pounds and not kilograms. A pound consists of 16 ounces and an ounce consists of 28.35 grams. The ounce is then sub-divided into 8 divisions. This is eighths or 1 8 of weed. 1 eighth of an ounce is 28.35 divided by 8 which gives 3.54 grams. You would have realized that all the figures have been rounded off with two digits after the decimal. Some round it after the single digit by which they gain a number of grams when it is sold in large quantities. Now that you know how many grams are in an eighth, we will now move on to the cost factor. A gram is sold for $20 on the streets. Now that you know how many grams are in an eighth which is 3.54 grams, you can get it for $60 roughly. It may be a bit more or less depending on the area in which it is sold and bought and other factors such as quality of the weed.


Eighth, Quad, O, Dime

Buying weed is a tough task. It is not as easy as buying commodities, as weed is not a legal product that can be sold in the open market. So how can you buy weed on the streets? The seller who sells weeds will try to sell in an unobtrusive manner. It is best to buy using slang terms for measurement. For example, eighth, quad, O, dime, dub, are some commonly used slang terms where eighth refers to 3.5 grams, quad refers to 7 grams and O refers to an ounce which is 28 grams. Make sure that you get the right quantity as dealers are not trust worthy. Make sure you weigh the quantity discreetly. Some dealers may get more stuff for the first time and slowly they will reduce the quantity of weed. Make sure you get the right weight every time as even a gram costs around $20. When you know how many grams in an eight contains you can check if the bag contains 3.54 grams easily. Do not ask the seller directly if he has weed for sales. Asking them indirectly and discreetly is a must. Once you purchase weed, make sure that you store it in a safe place where no one can see it. You will not want your family to see you using weed.

Pick The Experts To Repair Your Roof Today


There are a number of reasons why you need to call in professionals to repair your roof. While there are a number of DIY tutorials available on the internet these days that could convince you to go ahead and attempt to repair your roof on your own, it’s always best to leave this job to the professionals. There are a number of professional Denver roofing solutions that you will find, however it is essential to pick the right company in order to ensure you get the right solutions at the right prices and in a hassle free manner.

Professional roofers do not take a lot of time to repair your roof. This means they can finish up the job soon and you will have a brand new roof in no time. They have all the required equipment and skill that is necessary to complete the job well and in a timely manner. While you might attempt to try to do it yourself, you might end up with a tacky roof that looks bad. A roof adds a lot of value to your home and when you don’t have a good looking roof, this ruins the appearance of your home to a great extent.

denver-roofer-300x200When you are looking to complete the roofing of your house you should always consider hiring the best professional roofers as these roofers help save you a lot of time and money. The work that they do with roofing is very organized and well planned. This helps save time during execution as there is very little confusion. Each of the roofers knows their role while the roofing work is on and there is no one who deviates from the tasks or the time frames.


With professional roofers you will also have the best and the latest equipment used while roofing your house. This equipment ensures that the slabs on the roof as well aligned and there are no gaps left between the slabs. Everything is calculated and all sizes are well measured with the equipment. Nothing is left to chance with professional roofers. You will not have to worry about the slabs slipping off as well as they are well secured by the roofers. The professional roofers also clear the area around the house once the work is completed. This means that there is no need to hire extra help for cleaning around the house as well.

This Is Why Mobile Tracking Is The New Private Detective Service


There are a number of various kinds of apps and spy’s available on the app store. However if you’re looking for an effective and an affordable way to keep track on a person’s daily activity, it’s time to get the sms spy app on your phone today. There are a number of reasons why a person might need this app. If you’re in need of a handy service that can help you learn more than you already know about someone, using this app can prove to be highly beneficial.

While leaking out information from an organization in the early days required a lot of effort, it can now be done with the help of a single email. While business owners have to depend on certain employees in the organization, there’s always the risk of one of them turning against you. If you want to stay updated with what your employee is doing, how truthful he is towards the organization and whether or not he can be trusted, using this app can help you.


Relationships these days are also very fragile. Couples end up cheating on their partners and this leaves a person heartbroken and devastated. If you’re in love, but you have your doubts about your partner, it’s always better to learn everything you can about them before you take things ahead.

This app enables you to check the messages, calls and emails sent and received from the phone you plan on tracking. It also helps you to check out their current location.

If you are looking to get information on your newlywed spouse with regards to their affairs or information regarding your employees selling information about your business then sms spy is perfect for you. You can sit back and track anyone you want without them knowing about it and without you even having to move out of the house. With sms spy the information is relayed to your smartphone or computer and you can start collating information and storing it for future use. If there is something suspicious or any unknown or new number has been messaged the sms spy app will alert you.


This means that you do not have to monitor this app all the time. It is smart to sense suspicious activity and will create alerts. You can even set alerts for certain words that are typed in messages or emails. When these words are sent or received you will again receive an alert. You can set up names as well. The sms spy app is customizable and gives you complete control over your personal life as well as you business. The app will also tell you the location from where the message was sent and the location to where the message was sent. If you feel that your spouse is cheating on you, you can confront them with any suspicious messages that they may have sent or received. This app also saves messages that are deleted from the person’s phone making it the most comprehensive sms spy app.

Comfort Is Now Portable


People love hammocks for a number of reasons. If you love spending time in one, it’s time to check out some of the best portable hammock stands which enable you to carry your beloved hammock with you no matter where you go. While some people are blessed and can sleep no matter where they are, the others often struggle to sleep when in a new environment. If you are one of those people who can’t sleep when in a new place, it’s time to pack your hammock with you the next time you take a trip.

Hammocks are very comforting and they are known to put you to sleep no matter where you are. One of the main reasons hammocks ensure a good night sleep is because it has a soft swinging motion that relaxes your body and mind and puts you to sleep just like a baby. Hammocks are also great for people who are struggling with problems like back and neck pain. Hammocks are suspended in the air and they do not put any pressure on your back or neck which means you will wake up with no aches at all. They are also known to help people with sleep problems.


Sleeping on hammocks has been common for many years now. However the trend of sleeping on hammocks has caught on in recent years and for good reason too. With hammocks there are a number of advantages as compared to sleeping on a mattress. One of the biggest advantages of sleeping on hammocks is the way it helps you sleep instantly. The slow rocking motion of a hammock similar to a cradle makes you sleep like a baby.


Another huge advantage of sleeping in a hammock is the way it treats your back and your neck. Most mattresses and pillows have an adverse effect on the back and neck. Almost 90% people wake up with a sore back or a sore neck. However with a hammock there is no such problem that happens because the hammock stretches the back and the neck unlike a mattress. While sleeping on a hammock the body is in a comfortable arched position making it easy for the back and the neck to rest all night long. Many people are now switching to a hammock to take advantage of all these benefits. You should consider switching to a hammock today itself.

Erotic Weight Loss


Nowadays we hear that so many of our friends and acquaintances are working out. We are surrounded by junk food full of trans-fat which adds on to the layers of fat at a very alarming speed. We don’t even realize that we are becoming fat unless we find it tough fitting into our old clothes. This causes a lot of havoc in our brains and we become exceedingly conscious leading us to joining gyms or purchasing an online workout routine which promises us magical weight loss in no time. We start following these routines but they never really live up-to their promise so we thought of introducing you to a lifestyle routine which will not just help you lose weight but will also help you feel charged. This routine is supported by scientific reasoning and the founder Olivia Strait came across the idea when she met a woman in her gym who told her about the old Brazilian method of staying healthy. You will be hearing about about some quirky methods that you must not have heard before.



Olivia Strait is a fitness trainer who gained popularity due to her routine that has helped a lot of people from across the world. The special thing about this routine is that it doesn’t consist of a couple of exercises that is meant to help you burn your fat but instead it demands a change in certain parts of your lifestyle that will help you lose weight and feel more energetic without spending a lot of time in the gym. The best part about this routine is that it doesn’t take up a lot of your time as you don’t have to follow out of the world training methods and diet. The routine consists of three basic parts.


The program explains that eating exotic fruits is an important part of weight loss. Though the program doesn’t specify the exotic fruits that one should eat but rather goes into reasoning as to why eating them is very important for us. We understand that prickly pears, papayas, longans, star fruit, kumquats are some of the exotic fruits. These fruits will keep you full and will not allow to eat unhealthy food. These fruits come costly during the off season but during their season you can get them for cheap at your local store.

The next part is sleeping naked at night and this is is a very important part. Our body releases a hormone called cortisol when we are tensed and this helps in the accumulation of fat in our body but we can stop that if we sleep naked at night.

Follow a regular pattern of exercises. The exercises will keep you fit and in shape and will also help fat to melt faster from your body. Exercising is very important because it keeps our hormones in check and keeps us active.


The erotic weight loss system review are positive and comes with a 60 day money back offer, if the customer isn’t happy with the results. You can buy the program from her website for $67.