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What Makes A Good Riddle?


Riddles are things that we usually encounter in elementary school back in the day. The most common structure of riddles are descriptions that can pertain to a variety of things, followed by a specific answer. Most of the time, the answer would leave us in awe of what these riddles and answers can be, which is the reason behind their popularity. While there are a lot of familiar riddles, and it can vary from culture to culture, there are also some common elements to them that make them good. As a matter of fact, putting all these principles in mind, you actually can make your own riddle. With that said, what exactly are the things that make a good riddle?



This is a typical attitude that people who make good riddles have. You have to be quick-thinking, especially in terms of associating one word or description to another. It is an art, and thus there really is no science to wit. It is also usually something that comes with having plenty of experience and stock knowledge.

“Close but Near”

Make use or adjectives that could fit into more than one object, but not stray too far from it so as it will not be appropriate anymore. Because of this, there can be humor, and sometimes even suggestive meanings which can make people laugh, and thus be a source of entertainment.

Make use of Familiar Elements

For riddles to be effective, they have to be culture-specific. Make sure that the reader’s schema includes the elements that you would be using in the riddle. If you do not apply this, the riddle will fail as it may not even be perceived or understood as a riddle. It takes on different structures, which is also dependent on your society as a whole.

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