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Transform Your Old Car into a Glamorous and Classy Vehicle with the best and reliable Car Accessories

There is no such thing as  a new or old car if you know how to enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Hence, one of the simplest and easiest way to make your car look fabulous is by equipping it with the right accessories. Basically, there are two categories of car accessories: internal and external accessories. Understanding these two categories will help you find the right accessories that are suitable to your car needs.

Internal accessories are items that are used in the exterior part of your car. Some of the common examples of internal accessories include seat covers, ground mats, refresher, and custom dash addresses. On the other hand, external accessories are items that you fix or used on the exterior part of your car. Some of the common external accessories include spoilers, gas limits, ice and snow accessories, wheel covers body coverts and others.

Aside from enhancing appearance, external accessories also increase the performance of your car. Getting accessories for your car is important in so many ways. Both internal and external accessories can enhance and improve the appearance of your car. Most of the accessories available in the market are made with elegant designs adding glamour and class to your car. Also, accessories can provide comfort to you as a driver and to your passengers. On top of that, some accessories are designed in order to improve the performance of your precious vehicle. The good thing is that there are several stores where you can buy your car accessories such as . However, it is really advisable to be smart when buying. You should always go for a store or merchant that offers great quality items and yet very affordable.

A crisp guide on major Instagram analytics

Sporting just a fascinating Instagram profile is not enough to scale up your business on the social world. You need to pay heed to Instagram Analytics as well to gauge the progress and performance of your posts and profile on Insta. The post below shares a brief on the most crucial Instagram Analytics every Insta marketer should study.

Analytics for Instagram Profile

These are the analytics for “My Profile” section.

  • Impressions- It shows how many times have your posts been viewed within a particular time-frame
  • Interactions- The total volume of actions carried on your Insta account
  • Reach- It shows how many unique Insta accounts have seen the posts
  • Website clicks- It maps how many times your Insta visitors have clicked on your site link
  • Mentions- It says how many times Insta users have mentioned your Instagram handle

Analytics for Instagram Stories

  • Reach- It shows how many unique accounts have viewed the story
  • Impressions- It shows how many times your Insta Story has been viewed
  • Replies- The metric of replies received by the Story
  • Exits- It shows how many times visitors have exited the story mid-way without watching it in full
  • People Insights- It shows those accounts which have viewed a specific part of the Story

Analytics for individual posts

  • Interactions- the direct interactions in correspondence to posts, including profile visits, hyperlink or click on email/call button
  • Reach- It shows number of unique accounts your post has been able to reach
  • Follows- It shows the number of followers received by your post
  • Impressions- It notifies how many times the post has been viewed
  • Comments- The volume of comments received by your post
  • Saves-The volume of unique Instagram accounts that have saved the post

Track Instagram Analytics regularly to understand the strength and weaknesses of your business account and power it up accordingly.

How Obesity Affects Joints

Many people are overweight these days which is why keto snacks Walmart are quite a popular snack choice. The percentage of people that are overweight and even obese in the world is a statistic that continues to rise. People who are overweight, and particularly people that are obese face a lot of medical conditions that are not present in those people who carry less weight. One of these problems is the issue of obesity affecting the joints. Small variations in weight can mean greatly reduced stress on the joints and far less pain and suffering for those with obesity issues. But how does obesity affect joints?

Biomechanics and Joint Pain

If you are unconvinced that Obesity does really affect the joints try out this little experiment. Walk a mile. Then strap a 20-pound weight to your back and walk that mile again. Try it with 50 pounds. 100 pounds. Hopefully, you get the point, the extra weight on the joints does cause a lot of extra pain an discomfort, which of course makes it harder to exercise and easier to gain weight. A real vicious circle.

This aspect of joint pain deals with the issue of biomechanics. Biomechanics are the forces that are exerted on body parts due to the motion of the body. According to Doctor Savory, the force of the weight on the knee and hip is 1.5 times body weight when walking. Getting up, sitting down, and climbing stairs increases this force by 2 to 3 times and running can have the effect of increasing this force up to 4 to 5 times body weight. For the obese that can be a lot of extra force impacting and wearing down the joints from just a little bit of extra pressure

Obesity and Arthritis

Biomechanics is not the only way that obesity affects joint pain. It has been proven that obesity leads directly to a higher instance of cases of arthritis in joints. Much of this may be due to the extra force and that the biomechanics of the extra weight force on the joints over time. But not all. Even a small loss of weight can decrease the amount of pain, and reduce the chances of arthritis. Remember when with many common joint movements, like getting up and sitting down use of the joint is up to 3 times bodyweight, so a simple 10-pound loss can have the effects of 30 pound decreased pressure on the joint.

Obesity and Joint Replacement

Obesity leads to an increased amount of joint pain and damage, which can lead to an increased need for joint replacement. But obesity has also been shown to have an increase in the dangers of Joint replacement Surgery, according to Dr. Cluett. Knee surgery increases the chances for blood clots, infection and may make full recovery less probable and almost assuredly make recovery time take longer.

What is the answer to the problems of obesity affecting joints?

One simple word: exercise. Find the exercise that is low or none impact, like swimming and do them frequently. Get the heart rate up, strengthen the joints, and lose weight. As weight decreases the amount of pressure put on the joint drastically decreases and sooner or later should go away. With weight loss, joint replacement may still be needed, but with less weight, the chances of a full recovery are significantly improved.

Guide to Handbags

Handbags have become little art pieces all in their own rite. They’re yummy, soft leathered, lovable, huggable little treasures that hang on my shoulder or snuggle under my arm wherever I go.

I’m a registered bag-aholic, or “bag lady,” as my husband calls me! You can never have enough handbags or shoes, I say! I always feel it’s necessary to add just one more to my outrageous collection; after all, one never knows when I might just need that fuchsia-colored, patent leather number with the chains and dangling fringe! It’s so cute, how can we possibly resist?


In the old days, most American women bought 3 kinds of handbags; one black, one navy blue, and one brownish-heavy leather, all-purpose shoulder bag. In addition, one might have bought a white or straw bag of some kind for summer. Oh, and yes, maybe, if you were going to a formal or semi-formal event, a small, beaded, peau-de-soie bag would be purchased to match or to coordinate with the gown. With the quality, the manufacturers should provide more details about the handbags. The color, size, and brand like Gucci will be shared with potential customers. It will result in real cash increase in the bank account of the person. 

Those days are certainly long dead and gone! Bags are all the rage now and are considered a necessary part of a well put-together woman’s accessory collection. They are in a league all their own, and they are a multi-billion dollar business worldwide. From a teeny, tiny little Channel bag that retails for $500 and barely holds a lipstick, to the huge, patent leather, glitzy tote bags popular this season, bags are the “it” thing to buy.

So what’s out there in the handbag world these days? What’s new, what’s in, what’s out, who’s styles are hot and which designer is soooooo out? Let’s take a look.

What’s hot in Paris?

In Paris, one trendy, popular line of bags, “La Bagagerie,” offers the same fabric and color in every piece from the briefcase to the wristlet, to large and small satchel-styled bags. You can choose to match your wristlet to your briefcase, or your satchel to your wallet, whatever works best in your lifestyle. I bought a large satchel, wristlet and makeup bag, all in the same cool, sparkly fabric. When I got home, I was despondent that I hadn’t bought the briefcase, as well.

Also, a French Woman would never leave her home without her scarf or pashmina. When the weather fools you, and your pashmina is hanging loosely around your neck, tie it to your purse for a casual look and a practical application. I am always amazed how Parisian women manage to look so fashionable, one important accessory that they are never without is a long, raw silk or light wool scarf. They throw them.