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Best Places to Spend Christmas – Which one are they?

Christmas is about family gatherings, it is about bringing the family together and sharing your love with them. Many people prefer to celebrate it in their home, yet, visiting the following places during this season can also enhance the festive mood. The following are such places where one can spend the best time during Christmas such that it can turn into a memoriesto recollect in the future.

Castleton is a small stone English village that has many beautiful Christmas trees spread around it. The caves inside the village are known for candle light caroling that can be very alluring during the Christmas eve. Witnessing such caroling inside the caves will be very eye-catching to see and everyone would easily fall in love with this village.

This place is known for the millions of lights that are strung up in and around the Magnificent Mile during Christmas. One can also witness a huge German crafts market, Navy Pier WinderFest and many other events happening during the winter season. The amusement parks in Chicago have holiday themed games that every person irrespective of their age would love to play. The indoor skating rink is one such game in the amusement park.

If people can deal with ice, then this is definitely the place that one must visit to celebrate their Christmas. The Reykjavik city celebrates Christmas by following their ethnic traditions like 13 Yuletide Lads and much more. In the Christmas time, the hiring of car rental services from site will offer amazing experience. The celebration can be done in the travelling along with reaching the destination. The following of the traditional clothes can be there with comfortable sitting arrangements. Learning of the services can be there to meet the desired results. 

One cannot have as fun-filled a Christmas like how Key West does. The city has a warm temperature that makes many tourists visit it during the year end and enjoy celebrating Christmas with their family members. The beautiful beaches might be crowded, yet, one can get into the party mood after stepping out on the beach.

People who are looking out for some wilderness in their Christmas time should visit this place. The Quebec City is known for having environmentally friendly people who are mostly outdoor enthusiasts, offering many adventurous opportunities like snowmobiling, hiking and much more.

The Tromso city has a beautiful sunset view that makes an evening stay longer in terms of time. Witnessing the northern lights all together shall bring twilight in front of the people who visit the city during the Christmas eve.

This place has been pulling in more than 2 million visitors every year to celebrate Christmas. The city has the most impressive Christmas market that has nearly 200 vendors selling different products for an affordable price.

This remote village is located upon a high desert plain and boasts a magical Christmas eve for all the tourists who visit it during the winter season. The village has a mix of various cultural traditions that can be witnessed by taking a walk down the streets. The Indian Christmas Eve celebration is one notable event in this place during which many people from all around the village come together to celebrate Christmas by following their own tradition and culture.

Virtual Data Rooms for Business: Advantages and Disadvantages

There are different kinds of advantages and disadvantages of Virtual data room seen. The data room service providers try to maximize these benefits for VDR users. VDR is there to boost and benefit M&A transactions largely. According to the predictions of different experts, M&A transactions are there to increase among big corporations in the recent future.

Advantages of Virtual Data Rooms

Due diligence is known to be very important for the success of business in this regard because it is essential for M&A transactions. In turn, the data room is regarded as a useful tool for due diligence. The basic function of VDR is to properly facilitate use and access of data in the relevant M&A transaction. Moreover, the corporate documents are shared in a secure way. Virtual Data rooms happen to have many such benefits over its physical data room.

On the other hand, VDR being online, a classic burglar cannot do anything with it. If someone steals the device (computer, laptop, phone) of the VDR user, documents in the device remains secured and protected with login id and password. 2 step verifications along with multi-factor authentications are there to be used. It is also difficult for hackers to hack the 256-bt SSL encryptions.

There are some main benefits that a buyer is supposed to get, such as:

  • Time savings (due to flexibility of access time, travel time saving)
  • Cost savings (hotel, travel as well as person to person meeting cost is reduced)
  • Transparency among different sides of the deal

There are some benefits that a seller is supposed to get, such as:

  • Highs security and privacy
  • Time savings
  • Cost savings
  • Easier legal compliance
  • Competitive price


Disadvantages of VDR for data room services providers are also there. So many features and functionalities are to be included to combat the latest technological threats. The features are needed as per the requirements of customers. Another disadvantage is that it comes with insufficient publicity.

13 Best Inspirational Tips For Getting Success

Getting success in life is not an easy process. You can read some Oscar Wilde quotes to get inspired to work hard to get success. Here are some certain tips to become successful at anything you do. 

  • Be flexible

You need to be flexible at anything you do in life—flexible means to become adaptive to the situations or requirements to become successful. 

  • Break the problem

If you face some problems, then you should break it into smaller problems or tasks to get the best solutions to it. This way, you can really achieve success.

  • Focus on the present

Do not dwell on the past, and do not worry about the future much. Just be in the present and focus on now. 

  • Consider different options

You need to consider different options regarding anything in life. This is the only way to get the best solution to anything. 

  • Target growth

Decide to grow each day. If you stop growing, you stop living.

  • Take a pause

Once in a while, you need to take a break to regain your energy. 

  • Talk to yourself

You should talk to yourself to get motivated.  

  • Assess the situation

You should constantly assess your present situations and make your plan as per that. 

  • Use resources wisely

You have to use whatever resources you have. 

  • Get back up

If you fall down in life, then you need to get back up immediately. 

  • Be true to yourself

Never lie to yourself if you really want to achieve success in life. 

  • Push your limits

Do not believe in having any limits. Always push your limits to do better. 

  • Never give up

You should never give up on becoming successful in anything you do. Reading some Oscar Wilde quotes can help you have never ‘give- up attitude’ towards life. 

Is It Better to Hire a Social Media Coach Instead of a Manager?

Many small business seeking to venture into social media marketing go one of two ways – either they try to handle it themselves or they seek out a social media manager to handle it for them. While the first option rarely goes well because of a lack of understanding of digital marketing and the platforms, hiring a proficient social media manager may be out of the financial grasp for many. The middle ground is hiring a social media coach. This person, typically one with social media management experience, will walk you through the steps of managing your own platform, helping you with the initial set up and teaching you along the way.

No one is more passionate about a small business and it’s operations than the owner – it certainly won’t be matched by an outsourced social media manager. So having the opportunity to share that passion and connect directly with your audience will be much more authentic, and your customers will realize this. You get to maintain contact with your audience and move a lot faster when handling customer service matters and spontaneous promotions.

There are also the obvious benefits – money and knowledge. In the short run, some social media coaching programmes (especially intensive training ones) may cost you more than a social media manager’s fee for the equivalent time – but the long-term benefit of being able to effectively manage social media for your business on your own significantly makes up for that initial investment.

When Hiring a Social Media Coach Better Than Hiring a Social Media Manager

If you or your staff can carve out enough time to handle social media (about one hour each day) and you already use social media personally, then hiring a social media coach is most likely better for you. If either of these are an issue for you, then stick with a social media manager.

What to Expect from Social Media Coaching

There are two main types of social media coaching – short-term intensive training or ongoing. Intensive training packages usually lasts about 4-8 weeks and are great for multiple learners. The coach usually prepares a non-customized training program and then provides examples or recommends strategies for your specific business verbally. If you’re already knowledgeable on marketing tactics and just need to understand social media platforms, this might work. They will give you easy and yet effective strategy. One of those is to buy Instagram followers cheap at the lowest price ever & high quality.

Ongoing packages typically offer one-on-one meetings throughout each month at a monthly fee. This fee tends to be lower than the cost of hiring a manager. If you need a bit more hand-holding, and possibly troubleshooting from time to time, this would be the better option. Expect to have set check-in periods with your coach where you talk about what you’ve done, the results you’ve gotten and they answer your questions about what’s best for your business. Initially, they will help with setting up and optimizing your profiles. You can probably expect some homework too!

Social Media Strategies for the Off-Line Business

As a Social Media Strategist, I spend more time than most setting-up and managing social media accounts; both for myself and for my clients. As more and more “brick and mortar” businesses have flocked to the popular social sites over the past couple of years, I have seen an increasing discrepancy between the typical business owner’s use of these sites (for marketing purposes), and their understanding of how those sites work. The adaptation of the right strategy should be there to Buy YouTube subscribers that are real. The scams about the subscribers are required to be in the notice to get the potential benefits. The selection of the scam website is avoided to get the desired increase in the sale. 

Despite the almost constant barrage, offered up by gurus of all stripes, of the “latest and greatest, whiz-bang secrets” that promise to unleash the proverbial “flood of hungry customers to your web site via social media sites”, few, if any, of the promises come true, and the expected flood of sales leads coming from the typical marketing campaign usually turns out to be a mere trickle.

The problem isn’t the social media channels; it is true that there are untold millions of potential buyers out there. The problem lies in how the media is being used – or misused – when trying to attract those potential buyers.

This is where the business owners are being misled, and where they make their fatal mistakes in the social media circles. These mistakes are almost always a result of a faulty, linear mindset. Business owners are used to viewing marketing activities as a linear, cause and effect relationship; i.e. place an ad, pull in some leads, distribute some flyers, see more walk-in traffic, that sort of thing.

Social media marketing, on the other hand, doesn’t operate in such a linear fashion; it is far more dynamic than that. Social media marketing is about developing relationships. It is about engaging the prospect, helping to solve problems, offering useful and timely information, and allowing the prospect to develop trust with the business and their products and services.

In short, social media is not about selling the prospect; it is not about taking the customary direct approach that so many business owners and marketing managers are used to in other forms of marketing.

Rather, to be effective, these campaigns needs to take an indirect approach; and it is this indirect approach to marketing that is so misunderstood by, and so frustrating to, many business owners. In my opinion, this is why many business owners eventually throw up their hands and claim that marketing through social channels is a waste of time.

OK, if the direct route in social media doesn’t work well, are there any specific ways in which you can use this media to increase sales leads for your company? Yes! Here are a few specific steps to take:

  • Develop a personal style –

Your posting style can be funny, serious, professional, or any of a number of other styles. Just pick one that is natural for you. Don’t try to be something – or someone – that you are not. People really can spot the disingenuous speaker (or writer) and that will turn your prospects off.

  • Speak like you are speaking to a friend –

Imagine you are at a cocktail party. Most people wouldn’t walk up to a complete stranger and start selling them something; at least if they didn’t want the other person to get up and walk away. Instead, speak to the other person like you were speaking to friend. Get to know them – what they like and dislike, what they want and need. Offer solutions. Point them in the right direction. Be helpful. That is how you develop a relationship.

  • Build out your network –

Many businesses set up a page on, say, Facebook, and then sit back waiting for the multitudes to stop by and “like” their page. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Social media marketing is a lot like dating: you have to get out there and introduce yourself. Start with people you already know, and that are already on-line. Invite them over to your new page and ask them to like, follow, or link-up. Then, branch out and search for others who match your core demographic and find out where they are hanging out (hint: search on-line for blogs, forums, groups, etc.). Listen to their conversations. Comment where appropriate. Seek out the problems they are having and offer solutions. Build credibility and trust and they will start to show up on your page.

  • Think beyond the obvious –

If you can’t figure out where your prospects are hanging out, then start liking, following, and linking-up with groups and organizations that are likely filled with your best prospects. For most off-line businesses, a natural starting point would be pages sponsored by local Chambers of Commerce, business organizations, and community service organizations (like Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs) and other non-profits. Depending on your particular type of business, city government pages might be a good resource as well. The point is that all of these organizations, and thousands like them, are probably already in the social media circles with their own pages. Your job is to connect with them, join the conversations and offer value through your postings (again, DO NOT jump in and start selling here – that activity should be reserved for your home web site).

Latest 10 Insights to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing is a moving target, as are the audiences you seek to reach and influence. Social Media are the locus of some of the fastest and most significant changes. A seemingly simple and small change on one platform can have powerful effects on marketing results. Fortunately, you have access to the findings of numerous studies and surveys to inform and guide best practices and innovative use of all digital channels. As a new year begins, it makes sense to evaluate some of the latest data and insights to improve your social media marketing.

Here are ten of the latest data and recent changes to help you fine-tune your social media marketing.

  • A recent study of Facebook (funded by Facebook but conducted independently by Datalicious) concluded that Facebook and display advertising should be credited for 830 percent more revenue than previously believed. Other insights from the study: Facebook advertising should be credited for 911 percent more revenue; the more ad impressions consumers are exposed to the more likely they are to convert (7 times more likely); display ads lead to nine times more search responses than clicks alone.

  • Understanding customer conversion in terms of multi-touch attribution rather than last touch attribution might result in a major realignment of marketing spending. Commenting on the Facebook study, the CEO of Datalicious, Christian Bartens, said “This is the largest study of its kind and shows that a better understanding of what prompts people to buy is vital in driving improved return on advertising spend (ROAS) and can even create a long-term advantage over competitors. For many brands, taking a better look at their ROAS by embracing a multi-touch attribution method will see a radical shift in the way they spend their money.”
  • Video has emerged in recent months as the preferred format for content. The platform of choice has shifted (at least among desktop users) from YouTube to Facebook, with nearly 30 times more views per day since July 2014. The upshot of this shift is important for marketers because videos posted on Facebook are shared far more than videos on YouTube – after all, Facebook is about sharing and engagement. This does not mean you should stop posting videos to YouTube because YouTube continues to drive more trackable sales than any other social media platform (AOL Convertro research). Besides all this, for your Instagram campaign, you can Buy Instagram Views with Instant Delivery to help you with your marketing strategy.
  • Facebook’s recent steps to reduce selling and “bribing or buying” more Likes, as well as the sheer volume of content on the platform, have negatively affected the visibility of businesses on Facebook. As a result, a number of businesses are shifting their strategies away from Facebook. Those firms that see a need to continue to focus on the Facebook platform are discovering a new playing field that is rapidly moving toward a “pay to play” model. This shift is likely to price participation beyond the reach of small businesses.
  • A number of industry insiders expect Instagram to become to Facebook what SlideShare is to LinkedIn among businesses and professionals, providing a platform for sharing quick, brief content pieces of value to their industry and their customers and prospects.
  • Small businesses need to monitor and take advantage of new technologies and options that will abbreviate the traditional customer journey. These include the recent growth of live chat, call tracking, click to call, tweet to purchase, etc. Any process or technology that eliminates steps in the journey can be expected to improve conversion rates and increase ROI.
  • Marketing and advertising budgets and plans will need ongoing adjustment as social media platforms act to monetize. Facebook’s gradual shift to paid advertising is being replicated by other social platforms, a trend that is likely to grow and spread. Small businesses and professionals will need to identify the most cost-efficient advertising models in order to remain visible to prospects via social media. This will require monitoring of new studies and best practices, testing options, and experimentation, as well as the flexibility to adapt to changes quickly.

  • Native advertising and customer expectation of personal interaction with brands and companies will continue to favor marketers and businesses that can demonstrate personality, earn trust, and build stronger relationships with customers and prospects.
  • If you have not demolished silos in your marketing strategy and structure now is the time to do so. Your social media marketing strategy needs to be integrated with your content plan and your advertising plan. The misguided assumption that people (or businesses) become customers based on a single interaction or engagement is dead. Cross-channel impressions and campaigns are essential. Marketers may need to lead the way, but analytics will eventually catch up and provide the proof demanded by owners and executives.
  • Segmentation of lists remains a priority because consumers (and business customers) have come to expect ever-increasing levels of direct personal contact with businesses. Segmentation should be applied to social media contacts in new ways. Just as you often use list segments in some email marketing, you can now use segment lists to create more personalized communication and sharing with key contacts, influencers, and customers via social media. This ability offers an array of new opportunities to share with social contacts on a more intimate and appealing level.

Understanding these ten insights for social media marketing, and finding creative ways to build them into your strategy, will help you keep up with some of the more important and recent practices and opportunities available to improve your social media marketing.

Avoiding the Three Sins That Could Drag You to Marketing Hell

There’s a thin line between success and failure in business, and more often than not, entrepreneurs don’t realise they’ve already crossed that line until it’s too late. They exhaust all their efforts, try everything they can and find every possible way to succeed, only to end up in failure because of just one fatal mistake.Case in point: mistakes are detrimental to your business. This is especially true with marketing where you’re putting your name on the line to entice consumers to patronise your products and your brand. And in a time when the economy is bad and consumers have grown to be more discerning, you can’t afford to commit even one of these three deadly sins that could easily drag you to marketing hell:No matter how expensive your marketing campaign is, if it’s not targeted towards the right customers, everything will only be put to waste. Whether you’re using traditional or digital methods, it’s very important to start by doing market research, which will enable you to determine your target market, know them better and find out what interests them the most. This way, you can come up with a marketing strategy that would really suit their needs and preferences.

Marketing is more than just trying to advertise or sell. Rather, it’s also about building good relationships with your consumers and letting them know that you’re there to provide their needs and not just gain money from them. These days, a lot of consumers are already going to social media to give feedback, provide criticisms and ask questions about products or services.This makes social media marketing very influential. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have millions of followers, making them great media to market your products and yes, interact with your consumers in a less formal manner. This gives you the opportunity to get valuable feedback, which you could use to improve your company. 

Nowadays, social media platforms have become a moneymaking spree for job deprived people that seem to have nothing better to do than make stupid videos and buy cheap youtube views simply for the sake of establishing a subscriber base.

Moreover, it is one of the best ways to gauge the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.Insert ImageIf you try to look at some of the most successful marketing campaigns last year, you’ll notice that most of them have steered away from the usual advertisement plot and explored new horizons instead. Take for example the Coca-Cola Small World Machines campaign , which has gone viral around the world because of how it enabled rival nations India and Pakistan to connect with each other real time.Another fantastic example is the ad campaign of Intel and Toshiba named ” The Beauty Inside “, which helps show inner beauty while promoting the power of Intel, which is inside the Toshiba laptop. These advertisements are proof that if you learn how to innovate, you can create something that will not only bring you more sales but also touch other people’s lives.You don’t actually need to come up with a campaign as huge as these examples. Something as simple as choosing the right web design in Perth or even giving your loyal customers a small treat can already do a lot for your brand.No one will ever tell you that success in marketing or in business is easy, especially with the market situation today. But if you know what and what not to do, you’ll definitely have a higher chance of achieving your goals, whether it’s to increase your sales or build more exposure for your brand. You just have to believe that you can do it and you’ll find many ways to make things happen for your business.Specialising in web marketing solutions, Web Wizards has an experienced team that consists of a web designer from Perth and other professionals that provide high quality services such as SEO, web design and development, social media, and logos and branding.

About Jean Layton-SM Specialist – Helpful for business organization

As a small business person, you juggle multiple projects, employee education, and the supply and demands of customers. But occasionally a ball drops and you are left without the key component of marketing.

Dr. Jean Layton created this Half Hour Social Media system for her personal business, then had other small businesses clamoring to implement it for their businesses.

They wanted it for it’s simplicity and most of all for the minimal amount of time needed to stay present in their choice of social media channels.

Ten minutes in the morning, Ten at lunch and Ten at the end of the work day will keep your business converting customer interest into sales.

The most complicated aspects of marketing are:

The multitude of tools available for use for creating brand awareness are vast and complicated. How to choose? The purchasing of the cheap instagram likes for the profile will create a high-traffic profile. The selection of the reputed site is made to get the real like and followers at the account.  The awareness about the product is being increased. 

Let Jean guide you to the ideal tools for your preferred platforms.

When you’re a solo entrepreneur or working in a small group, the skills you need to access just aren’t in the room.

  • None Which skills can make your life easy?
  • None Which platforms can reach your ideal customer?
  • None How can you add one more thing to your workload?

The majority of platforms access the breadth of the population, but selective choice better reach age-based demographics, others better for reaching other businesses, while still others are for visually attractive products or services.

With Dr. Jean Layton as your guide, your social media strategy will be manageable. She knows you have a business to run, not continuous marketing to create.

She can steer you away from time wasters and setup the ones that allow you to work for about a half hour per day but keep your social media strategy alive and well.

Setup for your account begins with a consultation. Contact Jean Layton to set that up.

Just setting up accounts for the various platforms isn’t enough. You need to keep up with the social developments in your field.

Sign up for my newsletter for more information.

Social Media is like a getting a new puppy. You have to feed it, water it, walk it and respond to its needs.

If you don’t, then you end up with a mess.

When you launch a new project, it’s nice to have a friend and confidante by your side to bounce ideas both crazy and practical off, just to see how fun or different you can make your product.

Chat with me about your needs.

Jean is an amazingly multi-talented woman who has a passion for what she does. She is smart, creative, organized and highly energized. Interacting with her is always a sincere pleasure… I look forward to every opportunity. Ted Rubin- Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist & Acting CMO of Brand Innovators Jean helped up set up, and clean up, our social media presence and gave us some inspired ideas on how to engage our followers on different platforms. Saved me lots of frustration and hours in front of the computer. Thanks, Jean!! Jean is a seasoned pro at building solid relationships thru social media.

Her consistent advice and accessible nature make her a valuable resource. I don’t know how she does it. She lives in a universe with more than 24 hours in a day. She is everywhere, doing everything, with grace and a smile. She is highly intelligent, educated, experienced and skilled. One of her many tool boxes is filled with social networking skills and natural talents. I would recommend her highly for any endeavor that sparks her interest.

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Banks: A great platform to get loan

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