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Buy YouTube Views using Article Marketing

YouTube marketing is now on the hype. However, when a channel is just starting new it is kind of difficult to earn a lot of views and subscriptions. Unless there is some marketing, to buy YouTube views is really a mountain-like task. People don’t just get convinced regarding anything very easily, it takes some impressing. Although videos possess higher convincing power than the written materials, but to get people into viewing a YouTube vide – some writing material might work as a proper guide-through. At least, for the initial phase; after a YouTube channel has only started article based marketing is just right for YouTube marketing.  buy-youtube-views-4

Article Marketing to Buy YouTube Views

Here are some tips on how someone can use articles to get viewers driven to their YouTube channels.

  • Have a Website: A YouTube channel owner should have their own website where the written materials would be published. Make two platforms co-operate with each other in publishing of the contents. Whenever a new video is up, a new article related to that video should be up as well on that website.buy_youtube_views_and_improve_social_media_recognition
  • Two Articles per Video: Once a video is uploaded, make sure two unique and catchy articles are published on the website. When readers go through the articles, they should become curious to watch the video.
  • Do SEO: This step is much necessary for the Google users to find a website that links a YouTube channel – in this case both the website and channel are owned by you. Unless proper SEO is done, a website that publishes articles may not show up in the first page in search results.
  • Social Media Marketing: Do some social media marketing for the article as well. It’s a chain – someone finds your website through their favorite social networking platform and finally reaches the YouTube


Once you get into the business, you’ll figure out a lot more innovative ways of YouTube marketing. For now, these are the kick-starting steps.