A crisp guide on major Instagram analytics

Sporting just a fascinating Instagram profile is not enough to scale up your business on the social world. You need to pay heed to Instagram Analytics as well to gauge the progress and performance of your posts and profile on Insta. The post below shares a brief on the most crucial Instagram Analytics every Insta marketer should study.

Analytics for Instagram Profile

These are the analytics for “My Profile” section.

  • Impressions- It shows how many times have your posts been viewed within a particular time-frame
  • Interactions- The total volume of actions carried on your Insta account
  • Reach- It shows how many unique Insta accounts have seen the posts
  • Website clicks- It maps how many times your Insta visitors have clicked on your site link
  • Mentions- It says how many times Insta users have mentioned your Instagram handle

Analytics for Instagram Stories

  • Reach- It shows how many unique accounts have viewed the story
  • Impressions- It shows how many times your Insta Story has been viewed
  • Replies- The metric of replies received by the Story
  • Exits- It shows how many times visitors have exited the story mid-way without watching it in full
  • People Insights- It shows those accounts which have viewed a specific part of the Story

Analytics for individual posts

  • Interactions- the direct interactions in correspondence to posts, including profile visits, hyperlink or click on email/call button
  • Reach- It shows number of unique accounts your post has been able to reach
  • Follows- It shows the number of followers received by your post
  • Impressions- It notifies how many times the post has been viewed
  • Comments- The volume of comments received by your post
  • Saves-The volume of unique Instagram accounts that have saved the post

Track Instagram Analytics regularly to understand the strength and weaknesses of your business account and power it up accordingly.

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