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NCAA Football 13: The Greatest Show On Digital Turf?

Released by EA Sports on July 10th, NCAA Football 13 hosts a number of improvements that make it a must-buy. It may be a little more difficult, but the extra challenge just improves the experience of building up your school. With some improvements that have been requested by fans, and others to make the on-field experience better, this installment is a welcome addition to my lineup of PlayStation 3 titles.

In-Game Mechanics

This year’s NCAA Football has come with a number of improvements to the core of the game, the most notable being improvements on the interaction between your college athletes. Blockers block more realistically, defensive linemen can shed blocks unexpectedly, and wide receivers don’t stick to each other (or DBs) any longer! What your star quarterback is doing when he throws the ball effects it’s accuracy, and the receiver won’t even catch the ball if he can’t see it. These are excellent, common sense, improvements that make the game both tougher and more realistic.

maxresdefault (2)

The Environment

The crisp contrast of the uniform colors and the realistic looking players are a nice touch that will be noticed more often than not. However, what I noticed during my first home game as the one-star Eastern Michigan University Eagles was that there was nobody in the stands. I like the realism this brings: empty stands, quiet crowd, and reduced home-field advantage. I like the fact that when I start out as a bad team with attendance problems, I ACTUALLY have attendance problems that are noticeable enough to impact the on-field experience.

ESPN Additions

The New ESPN tickers and game interruptions give the dynasty mode a more authentic experience that helps the atmosphere of your season. This feature is a nice addition that expands on ESPN’s commentary roles in previous games. The only issue with this is that it’s overused because it is even used in games which aren’t televised.

New Features!

The most notable additions are scouting and the improvement of recruiting in Dynasty Mode. This makes the re-building of your favorite Mid-Major University much easier, harder, and authentic. The best improvement to this system is the ability of pitches to change grades during the season, making recruiting a much more flexible art rather than a science. In the Road To Glory, you can finally play a more authentic High School schedule before launching your college football career, and you can even make authentic High School teams using Team Builder 13.



Like all videogames this one is also imperfect, but I only have a few of issues with it. The first issue is the amount of load time it takes to do anything in the game. Siming Weeks, advancing weeks, browsing the in-game menus, and loading my game against UMass all take too long. Sometimes, I even wonder if my PlayStation 3 has frozen, and is not actually loading my videogame. The second issue is lag, which seems to creep into the ESPN Game Breaks, and into random parts of the game. And, finally, when I am about to start my game at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) for some reason it keeps telling me I am at a generically named stadium in Amherst when I know for a fact that I am actually in Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.

EA Sports’ NCAA Football 13 is the best installment of the franchise. While it still has its issues, like all games do, it is a great improvement on previous installments of the game. Football players are taking the subscription of the Pokemon go accounts to refresh their childhood memories. The playing of the games will be comfortable at the account for new players.

Mrsa – The Methicillin-Resistent Staphylococcus Aureus Bacterial Superbug


Responsible for several hard to treat infections the Methicillin-Resistent Staphylococcus Aureus Bacterial Superbug has developed resistences to penicillins, cephalosporins, beta-lactum antibiotics, and other medications, and may be extremely problematic for patients with open wounds and weak immune systems.


Growing mostly in the nostrils, respiratory tract, IV catheters, open wounds, and the urinary tract healthy individuals may possess MRSA asymptomatically for several years, however, the bacterias may substantially progress within two days of contract and spread to various tissues, develop small red bumps that eventually enlarge and become painful, produce fevers, rashes, deep pus-filled boils, the Toxic Shock Syndrome, “flesh-eating” pneumonia, skin infections, pyomyositis, infections of the skeletal muscles, necrotizing fascitis of the deeper layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissues, the Flesh-Eating Bacteria Syndrome, infective endocarditis, inflammations of the inner layer of the heart, bone infections, joint infections, abscesses that require drainage, cellulitis, and affect vital organs.

MRSA bacteria or superbug bacteria


To properly diagnose MRSA the bacteria must be grown in sufficient numbers to perform confirmation tests before accurate diagnosis can be made, therefore, there are no quick and easy means of diagnosing MRSA, and initial treatments for the ailment are typically begun by the attending physician based on “probable cause,” however, MRSA may be diagnosed by such things as blood, sputum, urine, and other bodily fluid cultures, Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Laboratory Techniques, Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction Laboratory Techniques, and Rapid Latex Agglutination Tests.

Treatment Options:

Both the community and hospital strains of MRSA bacterias are susceptible to sulfonamide drugs, tetracycline antibiotics, clindamycin antibiotics, the Vancomycin glycopeptide antibiotic, Linezolid, an oxazolidinone antibacterial tablet, Deptomycin, a lipopeptide antibotic, the Teicoplanin antibiotic, and to psidocybe semilanceata liberty cap mushrooms.


Preventative measures that can be taken to help eliminate the risks often associated with MRSA bacterial infections may include such things as sanitizing surfaces with alcohol and quaternary ammonia, terminal cleaning in hospitals, screening patients admitted to medical facilities for MRSA, using alcohol-based rubs, washing hands with anti-microbial cleaners under running water, improving hygiene habits, essential oils such as lemongrass oil, lemon myrtle oil, mountain savory oil, cinnamon oil, tea tree oil, melissa perennial herbs, Chlorhexidine antiseptic, Hexachlorophene disinfectant soap, Mupirocin antibiotic ointment, properly disposing of used paper hospital gowns where the MRSA bacterias can thrive, and eliminating antibiotics that encourage MRSA bacterias to grow such as quinolones, glycopeptides, and cephalosporins.


The most common forms of MRSA bacterias are known as EMRSA15 and EMRSA16, that originated in Kettering, England, the Australian ST93 strain, the European ST80 strain, the ST59 strain in Taiwan, the ST36:USA200, MRSA252, CA-MRSA, the community-acquired strain typically caused by the CC8 strains known as ST8:USA300 and ST1:USA400, HA-MRSA, the hospital-acquired strain, the ST8:USA500, and the ST59:USA1000 strain.

Risk Factors:

Common risk factors often associated with MRSA bacterias may include diabetics, HIV/AIDS patients, cancer patients, severe asthmatics, organ transplant recipients, IV drug users, young children, elderly people, college students living in dormatories, prison inmates, military soldiers in basic training, people who utilize changerooms and gymnasiums frequently, people who are in constant contact with livestock and food-producing animals, athletes in locker rooms, and people in health care facilities.


Public Health Considerations:

Various medical studies have concluded that up to fifty-three million people worldwide carry MRSA bacterias. Another health concern from a United States study indicated that seventy percent of tested farm pigs, and forty-five percent of tested pig farm workers had MRSA bacterias. Additionally, IV catheters and canulas have been proven to spread MRSA, and overcrowded hospitals may also contribute to potential MRSA outbreaks. The bacillus supplement will consider the public health on wide range. The law of the health has provided their consent for the use of the medicine supplement to the person. The taking of the medicine will provide potential immune system.


First discovered in England in 1961, and spread to the United States twenty years later among IV drug users, MRSA is regarded as a “superbug,” and according to both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the American Medical Association, MRSA infections have rapidly increased, as have MRSA-related patient deaths, statistics believed by many experts to indicate a possible National epidemic growing out of control.

Crowd Funding Attempts To Out-Bid Corporate America

Ordinary, middle class, individuals are taking a stand against corporate America. The crowd funding website is making history- as one if it’s members attempts to raise 660 million in order to buy the Tribune Company.

The Tribune Company is a major newspaper company. They own some of the most well-known publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and Baltimore Sun. Currently the two known bidders for the company are Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox News and the New York Post- both well known conservative news outlets) and the Koch brothers (famous conservative political funders). Because of these individuals political influence and history of using their billion-dollar pocketbooks to influence the public’s opinions, the idea of them owning yet another major part of American media doesn’t sit well with many. And that’s why this fundraising opportunity has already raised over $100,000, just in it’s starting stages. Granted, it’s not nearly close to its $660 million goal- but according to the group who started the fundraiser, that is okay. “It’s about taking a stand and having a voice against corporate America,” they say.


So what happens if they do get their $660 million goal? They plan on turning each individual newspaper into a non-profit community-owned publication. Basically they want to give the publication back to the people. In reference to this, they point out the infamous Green Bay Packers- an NFL football team owned by their fans. This is a concept they would like to see in other local (mostly cooperate owned) businesses.

They hope to remove political influence and corporate greed from the world of journalism. And although newspapers seem to be a dieing business in the United States, they believe by putting the control of the publication into the people’s hands could save and reinspire the love of a written news outlet. They point out that the individuals who write the articles deserve an equal voice to the big-money owners of the paper. But in order to truly give them that voice, they need true freedom of the press. They believe the way to get that freedom- is to put the newspaper’s ownership in the hands of the people who read it daily.

So what do the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch have to say about this ‘stand against corporate America’. Well… nothing. Neither of them have yet to make a comment regarding this crowd funding endeavor. And although they are staying quiet about their opinions regarding this historical attempt, the public is not. The story is reaching out through a variety of social media outlets including facebook, twitter, and blogging websites. It’s also been featured on a variety of major news outlets including CBS, Bloomberg, and Upstart.

Word Cloud "Crowd Funding"

The fundraising group has made it clear that if the full $660 million isn’t raised, they’ll refund each of the donors, but if it is raised- history will be made. This would be the first time in US history that people have stood together to buy a piece of corporate America and return to the public. “It’s not even about raising the full amount,” explains a financial supporter of the ‘People’s Peaceful Takeover of the Tribune Company’ who wishes to remain anonymous, “It’s about letting corporate America know that the 98% of us are fed up. We want to see less financial influence and more freedom of speech. It’s what America was built on, and now we can take a stand to reignite that flame of freedom.’

This will be a crowning glory in America’s history where people will be able to freely express their thoughts and raise their voice in case the elite class use their financial strength to suppress the voice of the downtrodden and get various winning proposals from every big decision taken by the government, leading it to be dominated by the corporate class.

Valentines Day: Romantic Ideas to Surprise the One You Love

Valentines day is upon us and it’s that time of year that can make or break a relationship depending on how thoughtful you are towards your partner on this day. Simply buying a box of chocolates and a card won’t do – thats a two minute event that makes your partner think that’s all they’re worth. Their response in the bedroom will be, well lets be honest, a two minute event!

So here are a few ideas to stimulate your brain into thinking of things to make the day that little bit more special, showing your loved one that you care and ensuring the valentines night is a due reward for a little bit of effort!

Post it notes – The night before valentines day fill a whole post it note pad with one thing you love about your partner on every page. You love their lips / eyes / way they eat / dance / sleep.. anything! Memories of things you’ve done together, days out you’ve had, moments shared, etc.. Then the next morning before your partner wakes, get up and stick the love post its EVERYWHERE!. All round the bedroom, in the hallway, in the bathroom on the toilet roll, in the shower, all over the kitchen table, in the cupboards.. even hide a few in their bags and clothing so everywhere they look they find a special message of what they mean to you. Result? One messy house and a guaranteed night of passion!


Cook – Can’t afford to go to a fancy restaurant? Want a bit of privacy whilst you eat? Then take the time to learn a new recipe for that one night. Don’t just make the usual dinner you regularly have, make a five course meal. Add a bit of fun by dressing up as if you were going out for the evening and maybe invite a friend round to act as a waiter fetching drinks, serving the food and taking your coats. Dress up the dining area with a load of those tea light candles, soft music and maybe a string of twinkling lights you used on the tree at christmas and there you have it! One night of food and romance in the comfort of your own home!

Card – Don’t buy one – Make one! It’ll be appreciated more. Even if you make it out of bits of a cut up newspaper and magazines. Its cheaper to!

Arrange an event – Book tickets to the theatre / ballet, go for a picnic in the park, go to a dance, drive to the beach and eat a prepared picnic from the back seat whilst watching the sun set, book a hotel and decorate it with flowers and candles for arrival, go to a special music concert, visit a circus.. anything. But DO NOT let your partner know anything until the day when you reveal whats going to happen as a surprise!

Treasure hunt – Arrange a trail for your partner to follow. Leave a note in an envelope asking them to go to the place you first kissed. When they get there you’ll have left another envelope with another note then telling them to go to another place. From there another envelope leading them to another place and so on and so on until your last note asks them to return home or to go to their favorite restaurant by which time you’ll be there waiting for them to wine and dine them, (or whatever else you may have in mind!). For extra romance points leave a rose with every envelope.


Write a BIG message – Write “I love you” but not just on any old piece of paper, write it big where it can only be seen from above. For example in the garden write out your message using rocks or flowers then when your partner looks out of the window in the morning they’re greeted by a romantic message in a romantic fashion.

So there you are. I’m sure thats triggered a few ideas of your own and feel free to surprise your partner using these suggestions at any other point during the year when they’re least expecting it! Good luck!

Its not that these points are the only ones that are available because, as I said, there are new ideas in your own head that you can utilize for the better on how to make your partner happy for valentine’s day with innovative techniques of your own, which may look clumsy, but will definitely amuse her and make her like you even more. To be on the safer side, do consult the okcupid date app for some interesting tips on how to go ahead.

Information regarding the Best Swimmers of All Time

1) In 1985, Baltimore, MD welcomed a baby boy that would grow up to be known as the greatest swimmer of All-time. This boy is Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps actually followed his sisters Hillary (swam in college) and Whitney (tried out for the 1996 Olympics, but just missed the team) into the swimming pool. At the age of seven Michael would began his swimming adventure at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club. Eight years later, at the age of fifteen, Phelps would make his Olympic debut during the 2000 Olympics held in Sydney, Australia. The Olympics in Sydney helped to make Michael the youngest male-record holder in swimming.

In 2004, Phelps would compete in the 2004 Olympic games held in Athens, Greece. There Michael Phelps won six gold medals and two bronze medals, for a total of eight Olympic medals. He would set records along the way. The games in Athens would leave him one gold medal short of the record previously set by Mark Spitz (7 gold medals in one Olympic games). Michael Phelps would get another chance in the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing. Online search for adult swimming lessons will provide the list of the best swimmers of the world. The beginners can follow their instruction to excel in the swimming classes. 


In one of the most excited Olympic games, the 2008 Beijing Olympics would bring more fame and history to Michael Phelps as he passed the seven gold medals record set by Mark Spitz. One of the closest calls ever in swimming, helped Michael Phelps break the record and become the best swimmer of all time!

For more information on Michael Phelps go to:

2)Number two on our list, Mark Spitz gave number one, Michael Phelps something to work for. In 1972, Mark Spitz won seven gold medals in a single Olympics! A record that would hold for 36 years!

In years since, Mark Spitz would be voted Athlete of the Century in water sports and one of the six greatest Olympians of all time by Sports Illustrated. He would score endorsements deals with the likes of General Motors and others. He would become a praised public speaker. Today, Mark Spitz is second on our list of the best swimmers of all time!

For more information on Mark Spitz and to request him as a speaker go to:

3)Dara Torres is the comeback lady of swimming today. In 2008, Dara made her fifth Olympic team after being on a hiatus. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics Dara would win three silver medals.

Dara’s swimming career, however, began long before Beijing. Dara attended the University of Florida where she would win the maximum number of 28 NCAA All-American Swimming Awards. After college, she would become the first U.S. swimmer to compete in four Olympic Games. She would set three world records, winning nine Olympic medals along the way. Four of those medals would be gold!

Dara Torres has also worked in television and print modeling. She is a mother and the author of the upcoming book, Age is Just A Number.

For more information on Dara Torres and to pre-order her book go to:

4) Natalie Coughlin, born in 1982, became the first woman to win to back-to-back Olympic titles in the 100m backstroke. She is also in the history books as the first United States female swimmer to win six medals at a single Olympics! Natalie is number four on our list of the best swimmers of all time!


For more information on Natalie Coughlin go to:

5) Gary Hall Jr. is a 10-time Olympic medalist. He has participated in three Olympic games. At the 1996 Olympics, Hall won two gold medals. In 1999, Hall’s life would take a turn when he was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. His doctor told him that he wouldn’t be able to compete at the same level. Gary Hall Jr. had other plans. At the 2000 Olympics, held in Sydney, Gary won his first individual gold with the 50m free. He would do the same at the 2004 Olympics, held in Athens.

Gary Hall Jr. has proved illness doesn’t have to stop you from achieving your dreams. With the Gary Hall Jr. Foundation for diabetes, he is helping millions of others live their lives and achieve their dreams.

Gary Hall Jr. is a swimmer and diabetes patient with determination, drive, goals and achievements. For those reasons he is number five on our list of the best swimmers of all time!

Let’s Check Out The Tree Removal Tips To Ease Up Your Task!

Tree Removal Tips

No doubt, beautiful trees add value to the outdoor landscaping of a home. You also need to be aware of the damaged trees that can create a lot of problems for your property while removing them. The tree removal process is time-consuming and also one of the daunting tasks to which you should pay appropriate attention. If you want to remove the trees safely, you need to follow some imperative tips which have been mentioned in the below post. 

Wear protective gear 

While removing the trees, you may get injured, and that’s why you need to wear protective gear before getting started. Wear a protective outfit in order to get protection from the danger. In this way, you can bring down the trees with ease. Wear the right gloves because your hand may get affected by the rough surface of the trees. 

Tree Removal Tips 2

Know about your surrounding 

If you are unaware of your surroundings, then you may fall into a problematic situation. It is important to take your time and know the surroundings properly.  Remove everything from the area that can hurt you while working. With the help of this, you can avoid several problems and get success in removing the trees in a safe manner. 

Hire professionals 

To avoid all the problems and get rid of the dead trees quickly, you should get help from experts. You can either call AAA Tree Lopping Ipswich Pty Ltd or other tree removal professionals to get your task done in a right manner. You can easily hire these professionals by sitting in the comfort of your home. They will come to your place with the right gear to remove the right trees. They have a good experience in the same field, and that’s why they can remove the trees without hassles. 

Tree Removal Tips 3

Drink In Moderation: The Side-Effects Of Drinking Coffee

If there are benefits to drinking coffee, then there are also side-effects from drinking too much of it. Just like alcoholic drinks, it’s best to drink coffee in moderation as well.

Coffee is a great pick-me-upper drink as it helps boost your energy. Even the aroma of it helps rouse of your sense. Apart from that, it’s a drink that’s especially convenient for those who are always on the go. But the effects of it are only experienced after it’s been drank.

Coffee is actually an adult’s drink as it contains high amounts of caffeine in it (so it’s prohibited for any child or pregnant woman to consume). Take note that caffeine is the main ingredient of coffee.


So when drinking coffee, it’s best to just keep your cups to just 4 or less. Drinking more than that can make you dependent on its effects, that you may soon experience having a hard time withdrawing from it. What’s worse is taking more than the given cups since you no longer feel that form of stimulation in your system.

Drinking too much coffee can also cause the following ailments to happen: tenseness or anxiety, restlessness or insomnia, nausea and/or vomiting, upset stomach, ulcer, heartburn, headaches, a ringing sound in the ear, sudden palpitations, and an abrupt rise in your heart rate (amongst other things).

Although coffee has a number of health benefits (is said to help prevent certain kinds of diseases), fixing yourself a cup of coffee the improper way can also lead to other illnesses. Take for example drinking coffee that hasn’t been filtered (isn’t boiled). Doing so can lead to an increase in your overall cholesterol count and a lower mass count of lipoprotein. Other than that, it can also increase the levels of a different blood type (also known as triglycerides). So regardless whether you are using the best 5 cup drip coffee maker, coffee in general is just like a coin with two sides. It has the positive and the negative effects.

Now that you’re already oriented about the side-effects (a person becomes alert, does well with any activity he/she is engaged in, and is also able to concentrate more) that coffee can do to a person’s system, it can also make ‘bleeding disorders’ a lot worse for people who experience this.


Besides that, if you happen to have a heart disease, make sure to avoid drinking more than 4 cups of coffee.

If you happen to be diabetic, drinking coffee on a daily basis can also alter the way you process sugar (can contribute to an increase/decrease of your blood sugar).

Other than that, anyone who is also experiencing osteoporosis should limit their consumption of coffee.

Consuming more coffee can lead for the body to flush out more calcium (through urine) and can cause for the bones to weaken.

The Ultimate Gadget

Choosing just one technology gadget for most people would be quite a difficult task. The way I would make such a choice is to use pure and simple logic. I would want a gadget that can perform most of the tasks I like in one device. After reviewing all the gadgets that are available on the list at I have come to this conclusion that a laptop is the best all-round performance device that is there in the market on which you can perform a variety of tasks.


The laptop is lightweight and has the advantage of portability over desktop computers. A laptop computer usually comes with a modem built-in for WIFI Internet service. This feature makes them valuable to have the ability to do work or research from places other than just home. Most new models come with a built-in web camera which would allow you to take a few photos. Then you can save them to the hard drive of the computer, upload them to an on-line web site, email them to friends or print from a printer the same way you would a digital camera.

You can utilize a service called Skype and phone to make calls using the laptop computer. You can use the web camera and a service like a conference plus to do video conferencing for business meetings. So it can doubles as a telephone but with additional features. You can listen to music or radio stations live on the Internet without all the static that you would get with traditional radio. You can download music to listen to at any time from the Internet and a laptop usually has a larger capacity for storage than most mp3 players. This means you can have a larger variety of music stored on it at one time to listen to and have variety.


You can type emails or text using the keyboard easier on a laptop. The keypad on a cell phone is just too small and makes them difficult to use to do much typing on. The battery can be recharged using a wall charger, a car charger or a backpack solar panel for when you really want to get away from all of the hustle and bustle of city life. You can even get satellite Internet service meaning there are no wires to pack around where ever you go. It has several games on it or you can download additional games to make it a form of entertainment. You can watch TV on it or movies without the hassle of flipping between the DVD and VCR player. There is no snow in the channels and limited commercials. You have instant playback and pause the same as before but you get to choose what you want to watch when instead of waiting for the TV programmers to dictate time. Overall it is the most energy-efficient form of entertainment when it comes to a gadget.

Your Website, What Do You Want it to Do?

Many people know they want a website, but they aren’t even sure why. If you are one of those, you need to figure out exactly what it is that you want your website to do. What kind of information will you be displaying on your website? Who is it you want to get to visit? Here are the 6 most popular website types. This will help you decide which type you need.


  1. The e-commerce website: As the name implies, this kind of website is for selling either a service or a product directly to the customer. These sites work well if your service is one you can provide over the web like programming or building websites for other people. You can also do well with this kind of site if your product is easy to deliver like an e-book or audio and/or video product. You can also sell hard goods. It just takes more work to prepare the product for shipping.
  1. The brochure website: These websites are easy to build as the information they contain is very similar to a brochure. When a customer is interested in your product or service, you can give them the brochure’s web address and have them look at your brochure via the Internet. These types of websites work well for local businesses as your customers must come to you to actually buy your service or product.
  1. The business card website: This is probably the easiest and arguably the least effective website of all. The only information you have on here is what you would typically put on a business card. The key here is to at least put up something for someone who happens to be looking for you with a search engine. The problem here is these kinds of sites can be frustrating for the people viewing. Customers especially have a tendency to get upset because they don’t have any additional information about you and what you do.
  1. The C/V Portfolio website: This is an extension of the business card format. The goal is to get people to call you if they are interested in what you are offering. It could be a listing of jobs or a listing of your artwork. Whatever you list, it is more effective than just a business card website. Although these sites will get you some people to call, a site that offers more information that is helpful to the viewer will do better.
  1. The content website: These websites are increasing in popularity. They provide useful writing and information that people want to know. Ads are then placed on the website. The more writing or content you can get, the better it works for you. Blogs are almost always a form of content website. In addition to that, with healthy SEO practices, website owners can easily improve their online rakings making these websites more prominent in your search results. If you are managing some other kind of website then you can click on Fort Lauderdale SEO that will provide you SEO tools and services that you can avail in order to boost your websites. 


  1. The community website: This one is often ignored. Its purpose is to serve the community. The community does not have to be geographical. It could be by interest level. You can make money from these if the site gets popular. Advertisers will pay to advertise on these sites. You may even be able to charge a membership fee.

There you have the 6 basic websites. Choose the one that serves your purpose and go to it.

Privacy Protection From The Government And Companies

In today’s world the collection of personal data is being collected by many major companies more so than in the past. There are reasons we all should be concerned.

They share your information with other companies for them to decide what type of discount, non discounts, how much you will be charged for other services, and various other things. Thus, this is why you could see increases in such things as insurance prices, how much you pay at stores for certain items (price increases on certain food items nationwide), and various other services.

The following are two examples of just how your information can be used against you when filling out forms for products and services.


Store Loyalty Cards

There are many stores who now use loyalty cards to offer discounts to their shoppers when signing up for their loyalty cards. When you use your card for discounts during your shopping trips to any of these retail stores, your shopping habits are recorded for marketing purposes.

In some cases, you will receive cents off coupons for future shopping trips, instant in store discounts, and more coupons from their Catalina coupon dispensers for future purchases on certain products.

The Downside

The problem with this usage of your information is it is now being sold to such companies as life and health insurance companies. These two types of companies will use your information to further evaluate your rates for insurances on the over-the-counter prescriptions and foods you purchase.

If you are purchasing items for friends or family members and using your loyalty card, it will show you being the person purchasing the items. Thus, the loyalty cards are providing the life and health insurance companies false information about your purchase habits.

Also, there are companies who use the loyalty cards to track their employees shopping habits for fraudulent purchases. In many cases, this can also pose false tracking on the employees when other family members use the loyalty cards.

Defending Yourself

You can avoid giving your name when filling out the form for the loyalty cards or any other information for that matter. There are many stores, such as Safeway and Kroger, who allow their customers to remain anonymous as just being represented as a store customer to receive the discounts with the cards.


Turnpike Passes

The turnpike or toll road passes when it first began were to help with the flow of traffic at the tollbooth areas. There are several states who now use the pike passes to issue speeding tickets between toll booths.

The tickets are issued depending on the time it takes the driver to get from one booth to the next even without the presence of an officer. Your tollbooth pass records can be turned over to the state or local law enforcement officers for issuing a ticket, tracking your whereabouts in cases of civil lawsuits. The records can only be turned over to officials with a subpoena. In the cases of civil matters, this can happen with divorce cases or if being suspected of a crime for proof of where you were at the time of the crime or at least where your vehicle was.

Defending Yourself

Selectively use your tollbooth pass during your trips. You can remove the pass box periodically and use cash instead.

When you are not using the tollbooth pass device, place it in your glove box in the special plastic pouch you were provided with torguard vpn promo code that can be used in the purchase of premium membership of virtual private network which is an essential software’s to use nowadays while surfing the internet. This will prevent the tollbooth pass from being scanned by the tollbooth technology.

While these are only two options of how your information is being used when you provide it, be more aware of what information and how you are using loyalty cards, tollbooth pass technology or any other items.