Best Spyware

Spying has become such an easy with so many A-grade hackers all around the world. Nowadays we can get the equipments and software that we used to see in the CIA movies in the market. There are so many companies who sell logiciel espion.

Well some people must be thinking that it sounds pretty un-ethical but imagine this, you are a parent and you are concerned about your children and what are they doing on their phones. These softwares’ transfer all their messages and chats to your phone. You can switch on the speaker on their phone from your phone to listen to their surroundings or even take a picture with their camera and transfer it to your phone. This could be of great use when you want to know where they are in the middle of the night and they are not picking up the phone. The parents also make sure that their kids are not mixing with the wrong crowd.

Well now we are going to refer some softwares for you that might be helpful to you.




This is one of the oldest companies in the market and their software is the best for iPad and iPhone. Their software is suitable for other platforms too like android and nokia symbian. They transfer call records, messages, websites visited, texts messages from all the texting apps on the device like Viber and Skype, GPS location. FlexiSPY has two variants, known as Premium and Extreme. The extreme has extra options like call intercept, RemCam, remote control the phone and recording the surroundings.  The Premium version costs $149 and the Extreme version costs $349.

Highster Mobile:

This is probably the best software for an android phone and we love the phone because of its value for money. The company has made a huge effort in making the software affordable for all with just $69 for lifetime warranty. You will need to root your phone though to use it. This doesn’t provide as many options as FlexiSPY Extreme but definitely is better than FlexiSPY Premium with spy camera and call intercept.



The best part about this software is that you can use it without jail breaking your iPhone. It helps you create a forbidden list of websites on the phone so that the person can’t use certain websites and it also helps you create forbidden zones on the map so that you get an alert whenever the other person goes to a forbidden zone.

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