Different Uses Of Tubidy App


Tubidy App can be used to convert the movie while at the same, the video can be optimized for the playback on different devices that you have. The app has over 100 pre-programmed optimization profiles for the devices like the gaming systems, tablets, Smartphones or on the set-top boxes.  The app comes with a video downloader and an integrated web browser.  20121224-231116

Important features of Tubidy App

The app allows the user to surfer a website looking for the video that the user wants to download without having to open many applications for it.  It is also possible to use the plugin of the app without having to open the Tubidy Video Download itself.  The two features make it easy to find and to download the videos that you wish to watch in simple and efficient manner.  The app also offers the ability of optimizing or converting the app automatically as you start to download them. What should be done is to choose the device and the format you want for the video you

Advantages of using Tubidy App

Tubidy App comes with the download manager and it is easy to understand and also to use. It is found in three self-explanatory sections, including the converted, finished and downloaded. After using Tubidy App to download the movies from many websites including the major content providers, you can then transfer it in your device. The app can download any video you want from different websites as far as there is a video.

The app is known to run in a smooth way.  The app does not crash and if you have any problem while using it, you can find the solution in the FAQ option.  The app also offers the online tutorial with the step by step instruction about how the app should be used. When there is nothing that will help you out, then you can email your problems to the developer and they will help you.  The company can answer the queries in just 12 hours.

Color Switch Tips And Tricks


Color Switch is kind of old by new, it’s an endless arcade game for smartphone platforms like iOS and Android. The popularity is so high that developers like are porting it to an online platform as well. Anyone can load this website in their traditional website browser and play using the mouse pointer; or a touch screen if their computer has so. However, in Color Switch one has to tap on the screen and take a ball towards the upper side and match the ball’s color to the obstacles color in order to get through. This sounds very easy in papers, but playing the game is very difficult. Here are few tips and tricks that might make one’s Color Switch experience a lot better.


Color Switch Tips:

  • Practice a Tapping Rate: In this game, one has to wait for some time before the ball’s color and obstacles color match. To keep the ball stable at a level, practice tapping at a specific rate otherwise the ball may lean upwards or downwards, resulting in hitting the obstacle.
  • Go Slow through the Shapes: It’s an endless game and there’s no timer running, either. Take your time to pass through each obstacle shape, especially the ones that move or change size. Only take an attempt to move out when you’re sure you can keep up with the pace. Otherwise wait until the color completes a round.
  • Sync with Multi-Colored Shapes: There are some circular shapes, two or three altogether that move in opposite direction. Keeping track of all three that move in opposite direction is tough. Try to pass through the first edge of the nearest circle so that you can drop back if the outward circle’s color has moved out of your range.


  • Don’t Get Scared by the Scores: You may see a lot of 999+ scores in the leaderboard, of which beyond 90% are fake. Don’t look at those and keep playing to build your skill.


These 4 little tips and tricks are the base of what you should do to shine in Color Switch!