Uc browser update: help yourself with all in one app

Have you ever felt that there are too many apps on your mobile for different activities? Have you ever faced the problem of space and got confused over which one to eliminate out of all the other apps? What about having all the apps in one app itself, isn’t that great? Yes, that is what the UC browser update is all about. It is one of the most gratified apps among the rest as it has it all in itself.

What is the speciality of the UC browser update?

  • Convenient

This app is one of the most convenient apps as it doesn’t require any other convincing rather is easy to use and download.

  • Space saver

The best part about this app is that one doesn’t have to download too many apps; rather, this one app works for all and even acts better than google.

  • All in one

One can watch a movie, download songs, search for any details without any interruption, and get daily news updates without requiring any additional app to do so.

  • Easy to search and work

Uc browser has it all, and thus it doesn’t require too much searching or finding for work done; rather, it happens easily and quickly.

Is UC browser better than Firefox or chrome?

Apparently yes, the UC browser update is helpful and a better choice than any other app or website because of its features and all that it gives in such a small package. The speed is commendable, and the best part is that it doesn’t require too much data. It is a data saver and a lifesaver to some extent as well. Any day UC browser is a better choice than any other app, and it is free and flexible to be used in any mode of gadgets.

Here’s How To Use The Upcoming Ibis Paint X

Painting on a personal computer has been one of the most appealing functions available. We all know Paint on which like every single one of us has worked some day or other. Today, there have been so many launches of new paint applications that are much more modified and advanced in their technicalities. One of those applications is Ibis Paint, of which another modified version is known as Ibis Paint X.

The main concept this application was created upon is to serve the purpose of the fun of drawing. It looks up to improve and develop drawing abilities while enjoying it at the same time. So how is it used? It has a recommended reading section on its website for whoever wants to learn the ways to use it.


  • There is a toolbar and tool selection option. The draft can be made by hand only. It has undone and erase options available. Tracing can be done with the help of a selection tool for an object.
  • There are multiple colors available with the option of self-made colors. There are highlights and shadows too with texture involvement. You can find gradations on the menu which work while using layers. Color which fills the undercoat is another option in the color window. Layers can be extracted, multiplied, and merged accordingly. There is an eyedropper function too.
  • You can sign your artwork, save it, view it, post it and also share it. A prime membership subscription is provided in case you need to remove the Ads add-on.


  • There are multiple rulers – array, mirror, radial, elliptical, circular, perspective, and straight. The drawing tools include a straight line, rectangle, and circle. The filters are color balance, grayscale, posterize and many more.

This is not it; there is a lot more to explore. Isn’t it excited to draw on such an application with so many options? You should give it a try.

Why You Need To Invest Some Time In Dating Apps?

In our busy schedule, its very tough to find time to go out all the time and find love and even when we do make plans, we make them with our family or with our regular friends. This doesn’t give us the option of meeting too many people whom we can explore and find the perfect match for us. That is why dating apps is such a revolutionary idea and it has truly changed the way that we look at dating.



Online dating is the future of relationships as we get busier and pickier by the day. Still some people are against using dating app free because of the cheap crowd that you can find on it but to be honest, you will get that everywhere and that comes down to your own judgement. There are a lot of advantages of dating apps.

The first one that comes to mind is the simplicity that the app provides to its users, people can read bios and look at a few pictures and shortlist their favoured couples in a few moments before they decide to talk to them or meet them.

There are various kinds of people that you can find on dating apps and you can chose and pick according to your liking.This option is very good especially if you want to take your time and choose the person you would like to get into a relationship with. There are also different type of apps depending on the kind of approach you want in your life and sexual preferences.

Dating apps are also probably the best place for introverts to approach a girl they might be interested in as it allows them to approach people they wouldn’t be able to in real life and they could at least move to the first stage of getting to know someone.

Your Soulmate Might Just Be A Tap Away! Try A Dating App Today!

Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or just a passing affair, finding love has become much easier than before, thanks to technology. You are no longer limited to sitting in front of your desktop or laptop to be able to browse interesting profiles on dating sites, show interest or send messages. With a free dating app on your mobile phone you can now find your ‘someone special’ with just a tap of your smartphone, while enjoying a hot cup of coffee at your favorite café or while waiting at the bus stop.  dQ3bFZk6V5ggp0G_tYFMrI5jqCXYqCNOeSVlkx5Rog_HwDKa6nCsjP7akwOpX7DtUw=h900

So, what can you expect from a fee dating app?

Most of the popular dating sites have their own free dating app designed for Android and iPhone users. These apps allow users to do almost everything that you can expect to do in the website. You can start by signing up for free, add your photos using the mobile camera, upload videos if you like, browse the different profiles, get suitable matches sent to you and many other interesting things.CXJ7wTJQanmwmYuJWEAk347LuiV9BcbnpT8htpvMK-Um9PZdGr8w7q5C1rmzGoCRrjU6=h900

At just the press of a button you have thousands and thousands of men and women profiles waiting to be viewed. Most of these free dating apps will allow you to send messages to the profiles that interest you.

Apps are without doubt the new and advanced way to find love online. You can find a plethora of dating apps on the App Store and Google Play. Many dating apps are designed to target a specific market, for example there are apps for those looking to date high educated individuals. Similarly, you will find apps that offer black people dating, Asian dating, Speed dating, Adult dating and so on.

Finding love cannot be easier than this. If you always get cold feet when it comes to talking to people from the opposite sex, free dating app allows you to overcome your fear and look for love at your own pace!

Features And Advantages Of Moviebox

  • Features of the application are really very amazing that not only attracts different users but also make the app different from all other movies streaming applications. Following are some of these features:
  • The Moviebox can download or streamline the movies with high quality without buffering problems.
  • The users can watch TV shows, the cartoon videos and movies in different modes especially full screen.
  • The videos and movies streaming is available in 18 languages to support the app in different countries. The default language is kept English, but the users can change the language easily.
  • The application is very simple and easy to use.


  • The search options make the users able to search their best movies. The categories options are also provided.
  • There is no limit of the size to download the The users can download as much movies as they have space in their phones.
  • The speed of downloading the videos depends upon the internet connection.
  • The quality of the videos can be selected by the users while downloading the app.
  • Movie Box for iOS is available free of cost on the internet. You just need to download it and get the streaming videos.
  • In order to have the app in your phone, you must have enough space in your phone either external space or the internal space. If you don’t have enough memory, then the application will give you an error.
  • The application is available worldwide in more than 20 countries to entertain its users.

Features and Advantages of Moviebox

Movieboxis filled with loads of benefits and features which you won’t believe. First and foremost the contents available in the portal are free, and you will not require paying for any videos or movies which you enjoy. The streaming takes place at an enough fast pace, and the chance of buffering is pretty negligible.

Different Uses Of Tubidy App

Tubidy App can be used to convert the movie while at the same, the video can be optimized for the playback on different devices that you have. The app has over 100 pre-programmed optimization profiles for the devices like the gaming systems, tablets, Smartphones or on the set-top boxes.  The app comes with a video downloader and an integrated web browser.  20121224-231116

Important features of Tubidy App

The app allows the user to surfer a website looking for the video that the user wants to download without having to open many applications for it.  It is also possible to use the plugin of the app without having to open the Tubidy Video Download itself.  The two features make it easy to find and to download the videos that you wish to watch in simple and efficient manner.  The app also offers the ability of optimizing or converting the app automatically as you start to download them. What should be done is to choose the device and the format you want for the video you

Advantages of using Tubidy App

Tubidy App comes with the download manager and it is easy to understand and also to use. It is found in three self-explanatory sections, including the converted, finished and downloaded. After using Tubidy App to download the movies from many websites including the major content providers, you can then transfer it in your device. The app can download any video you want from different websites as far as there is a video.

The app is known to run in a smooth way.  The app does not crash and if you have any problem while using it, you can find the solution in the FAQ option.  The app also offers the online tutorial with the step by step instruction about how the app should be used. When there is nothing that will help you out, then you can email your problems to the developer and they will help you.  The company can answer the queries in just 12 hours.

Color Switch Tips And Tricks

Color Switch is kind of old by new, it’s an endless arcade game for smartphone platforms like iOS and Android. The popularity is so high that developers like are porting it to an online platform as well. Anyone can load this website in their traditional website browser and play using the mouse pointer; or a touch screen if their computer has so. However, in Color Switch one has to tap on the screen and take a ball towards the upper side and match the ball’s color to the obstacles color in order to get through. This sounds very easy in papers, but playing the game is very difficult. Here are few tips and tricks that might make one’s Color Switch experience a lot better.


Color Switch Tips:

  • Practice a Tapping Rate: In this game, one has to wait for some time before the ball’s color and obstacles color match. To keep the ball stable at a level, practice tapping at a specific rate otherwise the ball may lean upwards or downwards, resulting in hitting the obstacle.
  • Go Slow through the Shapes: It’s an endless game and there’s no timer running, either. Take your time to pass through each obstacle shape, especially the ones that move or change size. Only take an attempt to move out when you’re sure you can keep up with the pace. Otherwise wait until the color completes a round.
  • Sync with Multi-Colored Shapes: There are some circular shapes, two or three altogether that move in opposite direction. Keeping track of all three that move in opposite direction is tough. Try to pass through the first edge of the nearest circle so that you can drop back if the outward circle’s color has moved out of your range.


  • Don’t Get Scared by the Scores: You may see a lot of 999+ scores in the leaderboard, of which beyond 90% are fake. Don’t look at those and keep playing to build your skill.


These 4 little tips and tricks are the base of what you should do to shine in Color Switch!