Guide to Handbags

Handbags have become little art pieces all in their own rite. They’re yummy, soft leathered, lovable, huggable little treasures that hang on my shoulder or snuggle under my arm wherever I go.

I’m a registered bag-aholic, or “bag lady,” as my husband calls me! You can never have enough handbags or shoes, I say! I always feel it’s necessary to add just one more to my outrageous collection; after all, one never knows when I might just need that fuchsia-colored, patent leather number with the chains and dangling fringe! It’s so cute, how can we possibly resist?


In the old days, most American women bought 3 kinds of handbags; one black, one navy blue, and one brownish-heavy leather, all-purpose shoulder bag. In addition, one might have bought a white or straw bag of some kind for summer. Oh, and yes, maybe, if you were going to a formal or semi-formal event, a small, beaded, peau-de-soie bag would be purchased to match or to coordinate with the gown. With the quality, the manufacturers should provide more details about the handbags. The color, size, and brand like Gucci will be shared with potential customers. It will result in real cash increase in the bank account of the person. 

Those days are certainly long dead and gone! Bags are all the rage now and are considered a necessary part of a well put-together woman’s accessory collection. They are in a league all their own, and they are a multi-billion dollar business worldwide. From a teeny, tiny little Channel bag that retails for $500 and barely holds a lipstick, to the huge, patent leather, glitzy tote bags popular this season, bags are the “it” thing to buy.

So what’s out there in the handbag world these days? What’s new, what’s in, what’s out, who’s styles are hot and which designer is soooooo out? Let’s take a look.

What’s hot in Paris?

In Paris, one trendy, popular line of bags, “La Bagagerie,” offers the same fabric and color in every piece from the briefcase to the wristlet, to large and small satchel-styled bags. You can choose to match your wristlet to your briefcase, or your satchel to your wallet, whatever works best in your lifestyle. I bought a large satchel, wristlet and makeup bag, all in the same cool, sparkly fabric. When I got home, I was despondent that I hadn’t bought the briefcase, as well.

Also, a French Woman would never leave her home without her scarf or pashmina. When the weather fools you, and your pashmina is hanging loosely around your neck, tie it to your purse for a casual look and a practical application. I am always amazed how Parisian women manage to look so fashionable, one important accessory that they are never without is a long, raw silk or light wool scarf. They throw them.

Cosmo’s Great Eight Fall Fashion Finds: My Take help you to find best for yourself!

Cosmopolitan has posted “The Great 8” on their Website Here, eight “essential trends you must, must, must adopt this fall” are shown in a picture slide show. Being the trendy twenty-something I am, I headed to the site to see just how I should be styling myself. Needless to say, I will not be in vogue with this season’s must haves. Here is why: 

  1. The first outfit is a pretty, flirty, purple party dress. I love it. It is gorgeous and would flatter most women, no matter skin color and body shape. But why do I need a purple party frock? I do not foresee myself attending many parties or going on fabulously romantic dates where this would be appropriate. I will stick to the party dresses I already own that are collecting dust in my closet.
  1. The second outfit features a very smart capelet over a black turtleneck. It looks nice on the model, but I can already hear the snickers and see the stares if I stepped out of my apartment wearing this. I am not a celebrity who can wear anything and get away with it, nor do I attend a preppy boarding school. Besides, if I am going to wear something over my turtleneck, it is probably to provide warmth. A capelet will only be good for flying up in my face when sudden gust of wind catches it. 


  1. The third outfit is a little black Caftan dress usually wear by women during summer in some countries religion traditional practices. But updated for fall. This is cute and stylish, but, like the purple party dress, I would have no place to wear it. And bubble skirts are not for everyone. Nor are sheer sleeves. 
  1. The fourth outfit is a sparkly sweater mini dress and it looks amazing on the model,who has legs that go on for miles and is as big around as a twig. I might be able to get away with this if I wear some super spiky heels, but i would feel very exposed, not to mention unsturdy. Besides, do I really need a frock that will leave me looking like a Beyonce wanna-be? 
  1. This is quite possibly the only outfit I could actually see myself pulling together. The black leather jacket is very cute and I have to admit that I am a big fan of the whole little-skirt-over-leggings combo. This would be great on a younger woman who is headed out to a concert or off on a casual date. Definitely not work appropriate, however. Well… depending where you work.


  1. “What in the world?!” That was my exact thought when I viewed the white knit sweater dress over the white knit sweater tights. Unless you wear a negative size, this outfit will make any woman feel frumpy and fat. And white knit-on-white knit is far too much white knit! The tights take me back to my kindergarten days when my mother dressed me in them with my little corduroy jumpers.
  1. Outfit seven is hard to distinguish. Is it a little black party dress, or a little denim dress? Either way, it is little. It would make a nice Homecoming dress or date wear for those living in the warmer states, but for the majority of the world, it is just too little. Strapless mini dresses should be reserved for summer.
  1. The final outfit looks to be Sandy’s skin-tight pants from Grease paired with a boucle short jacket, and leather gloves. While I am pretty proud of my tush, I do not want to put it on display in pants that would show every little bump and bulge. And I do not partake in horse riding. Thanks, but no.

I just moved to Florida from New York, so I know my usual fall clothing is in need of a major overhaul. Cosmopolitan did not really help me out as I had hoped they would. It looks as if I am left to my own devices, and wardrobe pieces, to pull together seasonly-appropriate outfits. I may not be sporting the latest fashions, but I am sure I will still look stylish to some.