A Classic Card Game


Whenever we have reunions, occasions or even a simple get together, card games will never be absent. We have played them hundreds of times alongside and against different people but they’re still fun to play nonetheless. But of course you’ll get tired of the same old card games when you don’t really play anything else. If you’re looking for a different kind of game that you can play with friends and family, then look at this article, by the end of it you might just be able to introduce a fun new game to them.


Slapjack can be enjoyed by 4 – 10 players and there are no age restrictions, it’s a true family game. Essentially, it’s a race-to-slap game and there are regular interactions so the little ones won’t get bored; your objective is to collect all the cards. So here’s how you play:


  • Every player will sit in a circle, one of them will distribute the deck until they run out of cards. Keep in mind that no one is allowed to see the card they’re holding.
  • All players will draw a card from the small deck in their hands and flip it up as they throw it in the middle of the circle. This will go on until a Jack appears.
  • When it does, it’s a race to the first one who slaps the card, covering it with their hand.


  • The person closest to the card, in case everyone went for the Jack, gets to keep all the other cards in the pile.
  • If ever a player slaps a different card by mistake, they’ll be forced to give up the card on top of their deck to the person who threw the slapped card.
  • The winner will be the one who has all the cards.

Three Places To Avoid While Playing Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go is indeed a very fun game to play with – Niantic isn’t making so much money for nothing. The game is put up on both iOS and Android platforms, however if you don’t have it on your region then you may give Pokemon GO a go through Pokemon GO APK downloads. We aren’t naming any specific website where you can find the APK because it’s not even much of a big deal. On the other hand, if you have a friend with Pokemon GO installed in their smartphone you may transfer the APK over using some third party Android apps.

However, if you are into playing Pokemon GO and trying to get with the flow, then here are 3 obvious places you should avoid while looking for Pokemons.

Police Stations

Do we really have to alert the Pokemon GO players saying them not to go to the police stations? Well with the crazy Pokemon GO players in fact invading many police stations around the world, we kind of have to. A lot of people have actually shown up to a busy police desk while officers were filing other reports – it’s certainly not acceptable. If you end up at a police station and they pass you on to the jail, then Niantic won’t get you a lawyer.


Museums and Religious Spots:

The Pokemons aren’t supposed to show up inside Museums but even if they do, stay away from them. Museums are places to be respected and of course full of rare collectibles – causing any harm to these items will easily put one behind the bars. Same goes for religious spots like churches or mosques, hurting anyone’s feelings isn’t certainly a good thing.



Speaking of the memorials, hurting people’s feelings and breaking the laws are both applicable here if you sneak into one of these to find Pokemons. Maybe according to game logic it is absolutely find going inside memorials and looking for Pokemons, but rely on your common and civic sense regarding these issues.


If you are trying out Pokemon Go, certainly stay away from these spots.

Play More With The Fifa Hack


Fifa is definitely one of the most popular football games in the world of gaming. With the advent of mobile gaming, gone are the days of needing to own a gaming console to play a game. With the release of fifa 17 on the mobile phone, the popularity and craze of the game is surely bound to increase. One of the limitations of the mobile version of fifa 17 is the limited coins given to the players. With the fifa 17 hack, you can get your very own free fifa coin generator that will enable you to fill your kitty with unlimited coins.


One of the biggest challenges of fifa 17 is the need to make your team stronger and get them higher up the rankings and the leader board. However none of this can be done if you don’t have the best players in your team. If you are looking to become the best, you need to get the best. To get the best players you need coins to spend on them. With the free fifa coin generator, you will have the ability to buy the best players and include them in your team. Imagine the feeling if your team is named the dream team among the millions of teams that play fifa 17.


With the free fifa coin generator this dream team can be made a possibility. It does not take a lot of effort and since the fifa 17 hack is online, there is no requirement to download any additional software as well for the free fifa coin generator to work. This takes away the threat of any viruses or any kind of Trojan affecting your system. With the fifa 17 hack, you can be the best at what you do without having to spend money from your pocket to purchase coins.