Consuming Carrageenan On A Regular Basis

Recently a number of people have been concerned about the Carrageenan dangers in food products. If you’re wondering whether or not Carrageenan is safe for consumption, here are a few things you need to know. Carrageenan is not an artificial substance. It is found in seaweed which is popular in a number of Asian countries and has no known side effects. Claims that Carrageenan can lead to digestive problems and cancer have been investigated and these claims have been proved to be false. IF you’re wondering why Carrageenan is so popular, you need to understand that this substance works as a thickening agent for a number of food products that help the product get the right consistency and shape that is desired. carrageenan

However, if you are part of the food industry, you need to be responsible enough to choose good quality Carrageenan which does not contain any chemicals or fillers. This is because while Carrageenan alone can’t cause any harm to the body, the chemicals that people add to it in order to create cheaper versions can prove to be harmful. Carrageenan alone is in fact very beneficial to the body and consuming it in its pure form is healthy.what-is-carrageenan-and-is-it-safe-to-eat-fb

Carrageenan is one of the healthiest stabilizers that nature has provided us. Carrageenan adds flavor to the food and also enhances the way it looks, the way it feels and the way it ends up looking. In short Carrageenan makes the food look a lot more appetizing in addition to adding taste to the food. There have been various studies done on Carrageenan and every one of the studies has shown that Carrageenan is safe for consumption.

There is no truth in the rumors about Carrageenan being responsible for forming tumors. Studies from almost 40 years have shown that Carrageenan is safe to consume even for toddlers. There have been regulatory authorities from across the world too that have proved and certified the credibility and safety of Carrageenan. Teams from Europe, United States, Japan, China and Brazil have certified Carrageenan as a safe product to be used in food.

Carrageenan has been around for ages and there are many rumors regarding the safety and the viability of it as a food ingredient. However there are many people and medical and scientific teams that vouch for the safety and credibility of Carrageenan as a safe food product.

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Know-it-all about Carrageenan

What is carrageenan?  Has anyone of us heard of it in our day-to-day chores or about the daily happenings? The answer would most probably be a no. But sooner or later this would be the word on everyone’s lips. Why? Read this article below to know more. wsbacarrageenan

Carrageenan belongs to its family of polysaccharides which are taken from seaweeds. It has a wide use in the industry concerning food, primarily for its thickening and gelling properties along with them being commendable stabilizers. The prime area of focus is the dairy and the other commodities for their strengthening and binding properties.Nutri-Living_Carageenan

Physical properties

The gelatinous extractions of the seaweed it is extracted from has been in use as addictives in the food industry since the early fifteen century. Then came carrageenan came as a vegetative substitute to gelatin inmore than some aspects before taking over it comfortably replacing it in the food industry.

Going into the chemical properties of the carrageenan, they are structured as large and highly versatile helical formations. This property actually helps them to take a wide kind of different shapes at the normal room temperature.

There are different types of red algae and seaweeds that help in the production of different types of carrageenan. Though most of them can be dissolved in mild or hot steam but only one and two types are noted to be soluble in cold water. The carrageenan used in the food commodities and products are referred to as processed seaweed. So on the technical terms, carrageenan is seen as a  fibre product.

Carrageenan was discovered and put to use somewhat around 1930s on a large industrial scale with its first ever known experimental use in China at around 600 BC and around 400BC in Ireland. Carrageenan gelatin has been in use at the normal homes since times immemorial. The procedure follows a complex procedure where the caraageenan is briefly heated before being cooled for around 24 hours to turn itself into a gelatinous substance .As of the last global survey done, carrageenan is sold at the market for a global estimate of about $640 million with Phillipines being its chief producer where carrageenan production is responsible for 80% of its world production. China with its huge production is the prime exporter of carrageenan in the world. The most basically noted sources of carrageenan production are E.spinosum and E.cottonni. These cultivate at about a few metres deep from the surface of the sea water. These seaweeds are cultivated for over three months where each plant grows to a weight of 1 kg. After the harvestation is complete, the seaweed are collected and dried out in the sun before being transferred to the manufacturing machine. The seaweeds are washed thoroughly and grounded to remove any kind of impurities on them. Then the seaweeds are chemically treated before being sent for the final industrial processing.

 Main uses of Carrageenan

Because of the physical properties of carrageenan and its structure, the uses of carrageenan has gone to a huge extent. Starting from food products like milk and other products, to products for external use like cleansing products, carrageenan is used everywhere.

It remains as a surprise that not many people are aware of it because carrageenan is a very useful product which is prevalent in almost everything that surrounds us and is consumed by us on a regular and daily basis.

  1. Condensed milk, processed milk and other milk products all have in them the presence of carrageenan.
  2. Sauce: of various kinds. Carrageenan helps in making the sauces thick so that they get the texture which they generally have when we unpack the bottles or cans. Without it, the sauces would be watery and not a great stuff to dip your chips in.
  3. Beer or alcoholic beverages; carrageenan helps in reducing or removing entirely the presence of proteins which cause a feeling of confusion or what we usually call “haziness”. Without carrageenan, drinking beer would result in more number of people often appearing confused.
  4. Processed meat: in replacement of proteins or fats, carrageenans are added to processed meats (of ham and beef). Carrageenan is especially useful in making these kinds of processed meat softer and easier to slice. The content of fats and proteins are also increased, along with increase in the amount of water the meat can take up.
  5. Toothpaste: if carrageenan was absent from toothpastes, then the stuff we put on our toothbrushes would be dry and crumpled. Carrageenan helps in retaining the paste-like texture of toothpaste, making it usable in the way we use them.
  6. Fire extinguishers: The foam which we see come out of fire extinguishers, help to kill fire by sticking to the surfaces and not letting fire get bigger. The properties of fire extinguishers which help the foam remain in its form, and be sticky in nature, are acquired by the presence of carrageenan in the solutions. Without it, the fire extinguishers wont be as useful.
  7. Shampoos and conditioners: carrageenans help in giving the texture of the shampoos and conditioners.
  8. Biotechnology: Carrageenan is extremely useful when it comes to the research in the field of biotechnology. As the field is growing by making new advancements and achieving the unachievable, carrageenan continues to play a pivotal role in it. Carrageenan forms the gel which is used to make the cells or enzymes stay put so that they could be easily studied.
  9. Pet food: Carrageenan have also made their way into your pet’s favorite food. They are present in almost all kinds of food products which are designed specifically for your cats, dogs and other four-legged buddies.

The uses of carrageenan does not end here. The list can go on and on. But our main aim to achieve from this article was to make you and the others who are reading this article be aware of carrageenan and its importance.

We only hope that we were able to add a bit to your extensive knowledge, a little about this helpful little buddy of ours.

Botox Cosmetic Courses Under Empire Medical Training

Empire Medical Training is one of the most prestigious organizations in the United States that provide Botox cosmetic courses. They are highly sought after and it doesn’t matter what pushed you to take on their courses just as long as you’re qualified; they cater only to dentists, nurses, physicians and other licensed healthcare professionals. Overall, they offer courses all throughout the year and they scheduled these sessions during the weekends so that a lot more professionals can attend.Cosmetica-Training-11541-e1381763104135 In this article, you will read an overview of the course and what awaits you in case you do decide to go through the Botox cosmetic course that they offer. We would like to clear that we are in no way forcing you to enrol under this particular organization; it’s still up to you in the end.

Practical Training

The overall training that they offer covers more than just the actual procedure and a few theories here and there. They will teach you absolutely everything about performing Botox injections which also includes the protocols concerning orofacial pain and other various medical conditions. Under the program, you’ll be taught how to perform popular cosmetic procedures that greatly utilize Botox and how to reconstitute Botox, where you can buy your supplies, how to compute the overall price that you’ll ask for after each procedure and other unique strategies that will make your client loyal to your skills.cropped-cropped-dollarphotoclub_535570981

Course and Lecture Presentations

At the beginning of the course, all attendees will receive a corresponding kit containing complete sets of training materials. These training materials contains detailed Botox training manuals, a few written protocols that  are editable, 2 aesthetic manuals, treatment forms and consents, instructional videos featuring each and every procedure and a small supply of marketing materials via their physician portal. Everything written in your training kits are all up to date with the latest information and procedures available.


The physicians whom will impart their knowledge to you are no beginners; they have been teaching Botox techniques under the organisation for many years and counting. Through their vast knowledge and experience, they became known as some of the best instructors around. Not only that, but through the years they have developed their own effective techniques and methods which greatly help the attendees integrate their new knowledge into their own practice.

Hands-On Training

Unlike other seminars or programs, the courses under Empire Medical Training won’t suck the life out of you while you’re attending. Attendees won’t sit around and watch the instructor all day, they will be required to administer Botox on volunteer patients, if not then they won’t receive their certification.

Botox Techniques that They Will Teach You

This is the actual procedure list that you will learn:

  1. Forehead Lines – traverse rhytids, frontalis injection.
  2. Glabeller Complex Injections – Worry Lines and Medical Brow Lift
  3. Eyebrow Shaping – Lateral and Medical Arch
  4. Crows Feet or Lateral Canthal Rhytids
  5. Sad Smila or Marionette Lines – Depressor Anguli Oris Injection
  6. Gummy Smile – Levator Labii Supeioris Alaeuqe Nasi Injection

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Have you gained weight recently? Finding it hard to slim down? Want to lose those extra fats in a healthy and convenient way? PhenQ Diet Pills is the answer to all your weight loss problem.

PhenQ Diet Pills takes losing weight in a whole new level with its innovative formula that guarantees to eliminate excess fat in a healthy way.

PhenQ features α-Lacys Reset®, a patented formula that makes it stand out among other diet pills in the market today. This special formula is a combination of alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine. It boosts your metabolism and increases your body heat production or thermogenesis, making it easier and faster to burn fats.

Among thousands of slimming products today, PhenQ is the only weight loss pill that guarantees to give not one, not two, but three major weight management factors. This includes appetite suppressant, decreased rate of fat accumulation and burn more calories. All these packed in a single product.


With all these promising benefits, you might start to wonder, what is it made of? How come a single product can provide all my slimming needs? Well here’s a breakdown of its components.

Capsimax Powder

This is a combination of capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin, also known as vitamin B3. This mixture acts a trigger that increases body heat or thermogenesis. With an increased thermogenesis, it’ll be easier for your body to burn fats.

Calcium Carbonate

This mineral is not just for the bones. It is also helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Calcium has a way of telling your body to store less fat and burn them instead. This can actually make weight loss significantly faster.

Chromium Picolinate

This is a natural mineral that eliminates your cravings and suppresses your appetite. It was also proven to curb blood sugar in an ideal level.


Although more popularly linked to coffee, this ingredient can actually be present in many weight loss products and energy drinks. It provides a boost in your energy, resulting to being more active. It can also curb your appetite thus minimizing your food intake.



This cactus is rich in fiber which helps control your hunger effectively. It also contains amino acid which provides energy to your body. Nopal was also said to maintain your blood sugar in healthy level. Fluid retention is also one of the effects of this ingredient. It flushes out fluid from your tissues to your bloodstreams which helps in losing weight.

L-Carnitine Furmarate-

This also contains amino acid that burns fat and turns it into energy. Like the other ingredient, it also curbs your appetite resulting to lesser food consumption.

PhenQ Diet Pills is a complete package of weight loss product. The good thing about it is that it has no related side effects such as sleep deprivation, digestion imbalance, and other health complications. It’s safe, natural and effective.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be tedious or harmful to your health. You can lose weight successfully with the right approach plus proper diet and an effective diet pills to match. Backed it all up with perseverance and consistency, you’re sure to achieve that slim body you’ve always wanted.

What are Post Pregnancy Massages

A good day to all you new moms and moms-to-be out there reading this article, you might be wondering why you should get a massage after giving birth. Well there are a lot of benefits to this actually and it can be a great treat too. A post pregnancy massage is actually a great choice for complimentary post natal care. It relieves all kinds of stress that your body has gone through during and after your whole pregnancy.image001 Numerous establishments offer this kind of massage and their masseuse are well trained for this particular kind of massage so you won’t have to worry about anything. All you have to do is literally lie down, relax your mind and body; you’ll immediately feel all the tension and stress seep away. It’s obvious that a lot of you have never tried this kind of massage before, so we’ll give you a faint idea. Keep in mind that not all establishments offer the same style and procedure in their post pregnancy massages.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcQ0hURIHvxohpYLWFYxeWSv98uE6945sFfFbHi4yUqQv-YkztQoCA

An Overview of Post Pregnancy Massages

Post pregnancy massages are full body massages given to moms everyday for about 40 days after they have given birth. The expert masseuses of post pregnancy and newborn massages are called maalishwalis or japa maids. New moms have two choices with regards to the services offered, either the expert  masseuse comes to your house once a day to perform the massage or they can move in for the initial 40 days to provide massages and help out with the baby care.

Post pregnancy massages start at the feet and they move upward and finish off with a relaxing head massage. This is actually a traditional practice that has helped moms relax for generations now. All of us have a good idea how hard it is to adjust to motherhood especially if they are first time moms. All the body ache and sleepless nights during pregnancy doesn’t stop there. Giving birth is another trial in itself, but a trial that’s totally worth everything the mom has endured when they see their baby for the take its first breath. Once they take the baby home then it’s another kind of chaos that involves a lot of crying and even more sleepless nights while recovering from the birthing process. That’s why a lot of moms seek post pregnancy massages; a little relaxation among the chaos never hurt anyone.

There is a challenge presented to those new moms that want to schedule post pregnancy massages. How can you steal an hour away from yourself? That’s a whole without worrying about the baby or thinking about anything else that might be stressful. As a mom, we know that you can’t help but think about the baby as you’re getting your massage especially when there’s no one else to look after them.  We suggest that you ask the child’s grandmother, your sibling or even your partner if they’re not too busy to watch the baby for a while.