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Is It Better to Hire a Social Media Coach Instead of a Manager?

Many small business seeking to venture into social media marketing go one of two ways – either they try to handle it themselves or they seek out a social media manager to handle it for them. While the first option rarely goes well because of a lack of understanding of digital marketing and the platforms, hiring a proficient social media manager may be out of the financial grasp for many. The middle ground is hiring a social media coach. This person, typically one with social media management experience, will walk you through the steps of managing your own platform, helping you with the initial set up and teaching you along the way.

No one is more passionate about a small business and it’s operations than the owner – it certainly won’t be matched by an outsourced social media manager. So having the opportunity to share that passion and connect directly with your audience will be much more authentic, and your customers will realize this. You get to maintain contact with your audience and move a lot faster when handling customer service matters and spontaneous promotions.

There are also the obvious benefits – money and knowledge. In the short run, some social media coaching programmes (especially intensive training ones) may cost you more than a social media manager’s fee for the equivalent time – but the long-term benefit of being able to effectively manage social media for your business on your own significantly makes up for that initial investment.

When Hiring a Social Media Coach Better Than Hiring a Social Media Manager

If you or your staff can carve out enough time to handle social media (about one hour each day) and you already use social media personally, then hiring a social media coach is most likely better for you. If either of these are an issue for you, then stick with a social media manager.

What to Expect from Social Media Coaching

There are two main types of social media coaching – short-term intensive training or ongoing. Intensive training packages usually lasts about 4-8 weeks and are great for multiple learners. The coach usually prepares a non-customized training program and then provides examples or recommends strategies for your specific business verbally. If you’re already knowledgeable on marketing tactics and just need to understand social media platforms, this might work. They will give you easy and yet effective strategy. One of those is to buy Instagram followers cheap at the lowest price ever & high quality.

Ongoing packages typically offer one-on-one meetings throughout each month at a monthly fee. This fee tends to be lower than the cost of hiring a manager. If you need a bit more hand-holding, and possibly troubleshooting from time to time, this would be the better option. Expect to have set check-in periods with your coach where you talk about what you’ve done, the results you’ve gotten and they answer your questions about what’s best for your business. Initially, they will help with setting up and optimizing your profiles. You can probably expect some homework too!

Social Media Strategies for the Off-Line Business

As a Social Media Strategist, I spend more time than most setting-up and managing social media accounts; both for myself and for my clients. As more and more “brick and mortar” businesses have flocked to the popular social sites over the past couple of years, I have seen an increasing discrepancy between the typical business owner’s use of these sites (for marketing purposes), and their understanding of how those sites work. The adaptation of the right strategy should be there to Buy YouTube subscribers that are real. The scams about the subscribers are required to be in the notice to get the potential benefits. The selection of the scam website is avoided to get the desired increase in the sale. 

Despite the almost constant barrage, offered up by gurus of all stripes, of the “latest and greatest, whiz-bang secrets” that promise to unleash the proverbial “flood of hungry customers to your web site via social media sites”, few, if any, of the promises come true, and the expected flood of sales leads coming from the typical marketing campaign usually turns out to be a mere trickle.

The problem isn’t the social media channels; it is true that there are untold millions of potential buyers out there. The problem lies in how the media is being used – or misused – when trying to attract those potential buyers.

This is where the business owners are being misled, and where they make their fatal mistakes in the social media circles. These mistakes are almost always a result of a faulty, linear mindset. Business owners are used to viewing marketing activities as a linear, cause and effect relationship; i.e. place an ad, pull in some leads, distribute some flyers, see more walk-in traffic, that sort of thing.

Social media marketing, on the other hand, doesn’t operate in such a linear fashion; it is far more dynamic than that. Social media marketing is about developing relationships. It is about engaging the prospect, helping to solve problems, offering useful and timely information, and allowing the prospect to develop trust with the business and their products and services.

In short, social media is not about selling the prospect; it is not about taking the customary direct approach that so many business owners and marketing managers are used to in other forms of marketing.

Rather, to be effective, these campaigns needs to take an indirect approach; and it is this indirect approach to marketing that is so misunderstood by, and so frustrating to, many business owners. In my opinion, this is why many business owners eventually throw up their hands and claim that marketing through social channels is a waste of time.

OK, if the direct route in social media doesn’t work well, are there any specific ways in which you can use this media to increase sales leads for your company? Yes! Here are a few specific steps to take:

  • Develop a personal style –

Your posting style can be funny, serious, professional, or any of a number of other styles. Just pick one that is natural for you. Don’t try to be something – or someone – that you are not. People really can spot the disingenuous speaker (or writer) and that will turn your prospects off.

  • Speak like you are speaking to a friend –

Imagine you are at a cocktail party. Most people wouldn’t walk up to a complete stranger and start selling them something; at least if they didn’t want the other person to get up and walk away. Instead, speak to the other person like you were speaking to friend. Get to know them – what they like and dislike, what they want and need. Offer solutions. Point them in the right direction. Be helpful. That is how you develop a relationship.

  • Build out your network –

Many businesses set up a page on, say, Facebook, and then sit back waiting for the multitudes to stop by and “like” their page. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Social media marketing is a lot like dating: you have to get out there and introduce yourself. Start with people you already know, and that are already on-line. Invite them over to your new page and ask them to like, follow, or link-up. Then, branch out and search for others who match your core demographic and find out where they are hanging out (hint: search on-line for blogs, forums, groups, etc.). Listen to their conversations. Comment where appropriate. Seek out the problems they are having and offer solutions. Build credibility and trust and they will start to show up on your page.

  • Think beyond the obvious –

If you can’t figure out where your prospects are hanging out, then start liking, following, and linking-up with groups and organizations that are likely filled with your best prospects. For most off-line businesses, a natural starting point would be pages sponsored by local Chambers of Commerce, business organizations, and community service organizations (like Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs) and other non-profits. Depending on your particular type of business, city government pages might be a good resource as well. The point is that all of these organizations, and thousands like them, are probably already in the social media circles with their own pages. Your job is to connect with them, join the conversations and offer value through your postings (again, DO NOT jump in and start selling here – that activity should be reserved for your home web site).

About Jean Layton-SM Specialist – Helpful for business organization

As a small business person, you juggle multiple projects, employee education, and the supply and demands of customers. But occasionally a ball drops and you are left without the key component of marketing.

Dr. Jean Layton created this Half Hour Social Media system for her personal business, then had other small businesses clamoring to implement it for their businesses.

They wanted it for it’s simplicity and most of all for the minimal amount of time needed to stay present in their choice of social media channels.

Ten minutes in the morning, Ten at lunch and Ten at the end of the work day will keep your business converting customer interest into sales.

The most complicated aspects of marketing are:

The multitude of tools available for use for creating brand awareness are vast and complicated. How to choose? The purchasing of the cheap instagram likes for the profile will create a high-traffic profile. The selection of the reputed site is made to get the real like and followers at the account.  The awareness about the product is being increased. 

Let Jean guide you to the ideal tools for your preferred platforms.

When you’re a solo entrepreneur or working in a small group, the skills you need to access just aren’t in the room.

  • None Which skills can make your life easy?
  • None Which platforms can reach your ideal customer?
  • None How can you add one more thing to your workload?

The majority of platforms access the breadth of the population, but selective choice better reach age-based demographics, others better for reaching other businesses, while still others are for visually attractive products or services.

With Dr. Jean Layton as your guide, your social media strategy will be manageable. She knows you have a business to run, not continuous marketing to create.

She can steer you away from time wasters and setup the ones that allow you to work for about a half hour per day but keep your social media strategy alive and well.

Setup for your account begins with a consultation. Contact Jean Layton to set that up.

Just setting up accounts for the various platforms isn’t enough. You need to keep up with the social developments in your field.

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Social Media is like a getting a new puppy. You have to feed it, water it, walk it and respond to its needs.

If you don’t, then you end up with a mess.

When you launch a new project, it’s nice to have a friend and confidante by your side to bounce ideas both crazy and practical off, just to see how fun or different you can make your product.

Chat with me about your needs.

Jean is an amazingly multi-talented woman who has a passion for what she does. She is smart, creative, organized and highly energized. Interacting with her is always a sincere pleasure… I look forward to every opportunity. Ted Rubin- Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist & Acting CMO of Brand Innovators Jean helped up set up, and clean up, our social media presence and gave us some inspired ideas on how to engage our followers on different platforms. Saved me lots of frustration and hours in front of the computer. Thanks, Jean!! Jean is a seasoned pro at building solid relationships thru social media.

Her consistent advice and accessible nature make her a valuable resource. I don’t know how she does it. She lives in a universe with more than 24 hours in a day. She is everywhere, doing everything, with grace and a smile. She is highly intelligent, educated, experienced and skilled. One of her many tool boxes is filled with social networking skills and natural talents. I would recommend her highly for any endeavor that sparks her interest.

How to Make Money with MySpace

There is a widespread belief that MySpace is just a place for friends. But that’s not true since many internet marketers use huge web traffic and made by MySpace to increase their sales. This way of marketing is really simple and can be learned by everyone.

But before you can begin making money with MySpace, you should know that according to MySpace Terms of Agreement, you can’t do commercial activities on MySpace. But it seems that as long as your activities don’t look like spam, your MySpace account doesn’t get banned..

Follow these steps to learn how you can make money with MySpace:

Step 1: Choose your product

You don’t need to have your own stuff to promote on MySpace. Instead, you can join affiliate programs. These programs allow you to advertise and sell products of other people, and each time someone buys something through your affiliate links, you earn a percentage of the profit. Search Google and you’ll find many affiliate programs for every kind of products. But digital products are much easier to sell on the web, such as ebooks, software, DVDs, etc. So if you are new to affiliate programs, you’d better select digital products, which can be easily found on Clickbank.

Step 2: Create a profile

Forget all your old profiles on MySpace and create a new one without your real personal information. You want your profile to look as attractive as possible so that you can make more friends later. It seems that profiles of young ladies with hot photos are very popular on MySpace. Although this may give you some idea about how to make your profile, remember that users can easily identify fake profiles. So make your profile look real as well.

Use videos, images, and blogs to draw more attention to your profile. Try different MySpace layouts and select the one that suits your taste and is pleasing to look at.

Step 3: Make friends

Making friends on MySpace is very simple: browse MySpace profiles and once you want to add a user to your friend’s list, just click the “Add Friend” button on his/her profile. After accepting your request, that member will be added to your friends.

Making friends in this way may seem slow and tedious. That’s why you should use some tools to accelerate this process. MySpace Trains and Bots are some of these tools which help you add hundreds of friends per day.

Step 4: Promote your products

Now you are ready to promote your products. Posting comments is the best way to communicate on MySpace. With some programs like FriendAdder, you can send comments to all of your friends at once.

But remember that since most people don’t come to MySpace to buy something, your comments shouldn’t seem like advertisements. It should seem like you are trying to help and offer important information to your friends. You could also make up some interesting stories about using some useful products. This way, users are more likely to follow your affiliate links.

Although it’s great to use some graphics in your comments, don’t clutter your comments with them. And don’t use flash graphics either, because comments with flash objects need members’ approval, and since those objects might have viruses, users usually don’t take the risk to open your comments and simply delete them.

Bulletins also used to be useful for marketing on MySpace, but with the huge amount of bulletins sent out to users these days, it seems that nobody pays attention to them anymore.

Remember that in order to be successful, you’ll need to try various kinds of products and services, and see which of them will give you the best results. This way you can realize which niche is right for you to market in.

Make New Female Friends Online

Over the years I’ve talked to thousands of people on various social networks. I’ve heard it all, from friendly to angry, and everything in between. I’ve learned how to gain friends, and how to lose friends. Being a male, I’ve compiled a few tips for other males as it pertains to making female friends.

First rule, be confident. Don’t show up writing about how ugly you are, or that you’re sad about something. Talk cheerful, women aren’t online to be depressed or comfort someone.

Mention something on her page that she wrote about herself. She will appreciate you took the time to read what she has to say, instead of only looking at her photos.

Write comments on her page. She likes that you say something nice about her photo or just stop by her page. A nice comment can go a long way. Be polite and don’t flirt, remember the public can read what you say, and she might have family members, or friends from school on her page. Any flirting should be written in private.

Don’t tell her everything about yourself in the opening messages. Women like a man with a slight mysterious side. You will be more interesting to her and she will write you wishing to learn new things.

In your own profile, post clear pictures of yourself. You don’t want blurry or dark photos, but bright and colorful instead. High quality photos will improve your chances greatly.

If you want to mention she’s pretty, once is enough in the beginning. She read it the first time you said it, and anything after that will only start to irritate her. Instead show that you like the person she is, that you think she treats you nice.

When it comes to flirting, be playful, not vulgar. She’ll enjoy a light and easy style of flirting compared to a heavier style. Don’t continue flirting during the conversation, break it up and talk about normal things, such as what she did that day, or how she is doing lately. Flirting should only be used lightly during the conversation, just a sentence here or there. When she’s comfortable she’ll flirt more, but let her get to that point on her own without forcing it upon her.

Don’t make remarks about people she knows. Chances are she’s known that person a lot longer than she’s known you. Don’t talk about other women you know, and don’t talk about other men she knows.

Have a sense of humor. If she makes a joke about you, laugh with her. Remember that you can’t tell tone through reading, what might have seemed hostile might not have been intended that way, so don’t be easily irritated. In general, take what she says as teasing, nothing more.

When it comes to asking for a date, think of something you believe would be fun. Ask her for a nice dinner or drink, a day at a park, or anything she enjoys. You don’t want to mention anything sexual. Women are wary of men online in general, and they don’t want to meet someone who they think is just wanting to have sex.

On top of that, privacy is a huge issue on social networking sites. With the help of services like, it is now possible for people to see even private profiles. But for some people, there is a beauty in using the service.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll find women will spend more time wanting to know you. You don’t need to try extra hard to get their attention, just be yourself and relax.

A crisp guide on major Instagram analytics

Sporting just a fascinating Instagram profile is not enough to scale up your business on the social world. You need to pay heed to Instagram Analytics as well to gauge the progress and performance of your posts and profile on Insta. The post below shares a brief on the most crucial Instagram Analytics every Insta marketer should study.

Analytics for Instagram Profile

These are the analytics for “My Profile” section.

  • Impressions- It shows how many times have your posts been viewed within a particular time-frame
  • Interactions- The total volume of actions carried on your Insta account
  • Reach- It shows how many unique Insta accounts have seen the posts
  • Website clicks- It maps how many times your Insta visitors have clicked on your site link
  • Mentions- It says how many times Insta users have mentioned your Instagram handle

Analytics for Instagram Stories

  • Reach- It shows how many unique accounts have viewed the story
  • Impressions- It shows how many times your Insta Story has been viewed
  • Replies- The metric of replies received by the Story
  • Exits- It shows how many times visitors have exited the story mid-way without watching it in full
  • People Insights- It shows those accounts which have viewed a specific part of the Story

Analytics for individual posts

  • Interactions- the direct interactions in correspondence to posts, including profile visits, hyperlink or click on email/call button
  • Reach- It shows number of unique accounts your post has been able to reach
  • Follows- It shows the number of followers received by your post
  • Impressions- It notifies how many times the post has been viewed
  • Comments- The volume of comments received by your post
  • Saves-The volume of unique Instagram accounts that have saved the post

Track Instagram Analytics regularly to understand the strength and weaknesses of your business account and power it up accordingly.

Social Media for Real Estate Professionals

Young Couple Being Shown a New Home

Are you a real estate professional looking to integrate social media into your traditional marketing plan? Are you already active online and looking for ways to streamline your social media efforts? Here are some tips to help you get the job done!

Don’t create social media profiles without having a clear plan of attack! You have to decide which social media sites you’ll use (and why you’re using them), what content you’ll post on each, the frequency of your updates, and how you’ll promote each of them. Sound overwhelming? With just a few simple steps you can have your social media under control.

  • Step #1: Choose Your Purpose
  • Step #2: Choose Your Networks
  • Step #3: Determine Your Content and Frequency
  • Step #4: Implement Your Plan
  • Step #5: Promote Your Profiles

Step #1: Choose Your Purpose

What is your marketing objective? You should consider social marketing to be a small facet of your overall marketing plan, so your objectives should coincide with your direct marketing and other offline efforts. Before you choose a network you have to know what your purpose is because each social network lends itself to a particular use. Do you want to…

  • -Have a way to educate prospective buyers and sellers?
  • -Connect with new people outside of your sphere?
  • -Keep in contact with your sphere and past clients?
  • -Connect with local real estate professionals in your area?

Write out your goals for working in social media, and continue to the next step.

Step #2: Choose Your Network

As I mentioned earlier, each social networking site lends itself to a particular purpose, and we want to you the best medium to convey your message. Here is a list of the most popular networks and how they can be used in the realm of real estate (of course the ways to use these networks are endless, so feel free to add your own ideas!).

Facebook: valuable for staying in contact with your sphere and previous clients long-term

Myspace: same as Facebook, but with a slightly younger focus (think gen x and gen y-ers)

Twitter: good for short updates with your sphere and meeting new people

LinkedIn: excellent for connecting with other real estate/business professionals so you can promote each other. Also good for keeping in touch with past clients for testimonials and recommendations.

Blog: perfect for educating prospects about real estate processes and news (i.e. converting looky-loos into confident prospects). A blog is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert in your field and an important part of your community.

Website: This is a given and should offer a wealth of information about you, your specialties, service areas, your listings, and the buying/selling process. Think of your site as the engine that runs your online presence.

Study your marketing objectives carefully and then choose the networks that are appropriate for you. You can always change your choices later and build your online presence as you go along.

Social Media for Real Estate Professionals

Step #3: Determine Your Content and Frequency

Now that you have a list of your networks you can write down what content you want to submit to each one. The content you choose will depend on the information your audience needs/wants, your personal interests, and the amount of time you have available. You will want to make sure your content is interconnected. See the example below:

Twitter – Daily LinkedIn – Biweekly Blog – weekly

Blog posts Specials and promos Market news

Market updates Local groups RE education articles

Community events Refer to blog Community events

In this example I’ve chosen LinkedIn, Twitter, and a Blog to convert prospects, meet local professionals, and meet new people. Key features of my plan include tweeting every time I write a new blog post and posting office promos on LinkedIn for my mortgage brokers, appraisers, inspectors, and other local professionals to share with their clientele. Make a list of topics you can write about and update this list often.

Step #4: Implementation

Now comes the hard part, actually taking the time to write the content. Luckily there is a lot of free material available to get you started. For starters you can link to any content that is already on the web as long as you site the author. There are also resources available from the NAR site and your state association. In the end you just have to be aware of what’s happening in your market so you can put the pen to the paper and start writing.

Step #5: Promote!

Social Media for Real Estate Professionals 3

This step is often overlooked, but it won’t do you any good to join different social networking sites and not let anyone know. You can promote your social media profiles by:

  • Writing blog topics (these are searchable by search engines and will help SEO)
  • Tweeting about your new profiles
  • Adding buttons to your email signature
  • Posting badges and widgets on your profiles
  • Updating your business cards

With these simple steps you should be able to take control of your social media marketing and start tracking your success.
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