Best Goalkeepers Ever


Football players are probably the most popular sportsmen around the globe. This physically and mentally challenging sport has probably given us the most youth icons of all time. There are 22 players on the field at one time, trying to get the best of each other but the most underrated people out of all the people on the field are the two goalkeepers. Goalkeepers have the responsibility of keeping the ball out of their goal and there have been many moments in history where goalkeepers have been solely responsible in getting their team the result that they required so today we write this glorifying some of the most underrated footballers ever. Daftar sekarang for more news on football. slide1


Lev Yashin should definitely be on top of our list. He played 4 World Cups during the 1958 to 1970 and won the Ballon D’Or in 1963, the only keeper to do so. He has voted as the best keeper of all time. Also known as Black Spider due to his athleticism, imposing stature and great reflexive saves, he is said to have saved 150 penalties during his career and kept above 250 clean sheets according to FIFA.p18lq7ediepl816p6s04171vo23


Oliver Kahn comes on our list of the greatest goalkeepers of all time, definitely the best of recent times. He is probably one of the most successful goalkeepers ever, winning 8 Bundesliga titles, one UEFA Champions League and one UEFA Cup. He also led Germany to a World Cup final losing to Brazil, in which tournament he was handed the Golden Ball, the only keeper to achieve that feat.


Gordon Banks is the last goalkeeper on our list, the man who played a vital role in England’s 1966 World Cup win and he probably made one of the greatest saves of the century when he deflected Pele’s effort in the 1970 finals. He won the FIFA best goalkeeper award for 6 consecutive years.

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It is very important to maintain your body and your weight and keep it healthy at all times. People who have a heavy weight are prone to diseases that include heart diseases, diabetes and cholesterol problems. If you hate going to the gym but you’re keen on staying healthy, maintaining a diet is not enough. It is very important to include some sort of exercise on a regular basis so that your body stays healthy and fit. While there are different workout routines that you can try, the best way to stay healthy and fit regularly is by playing any kind of sport. If you are not too sure about the health benefits of sports you can get more information about it on some of the most popular sports website. For more information click site.sportsIf you work and you have a little spare time in the morning or the evening, taking up a sport is something that will benefit you in a number of ways. Apart from keeping you healthy, it also helps to boost your confidence. This will help you at your workplace and make you a better person as well. When you take up sports, you automatically interact with a number of people who are also involved in these sports. It helps you to automatically learn how to converse with them and communicate in a better manner. Before you know it you will see you level of communication skills and confidence increasing. This is what will help you perform better at your workplace and in your personal life as well.

People these days lead a very stressful life and in order for them to relax and not get depressed taking up a sport is essential. One of the main reasons why sports have become so popular is because it enhances the internal organs of the body as well along with the physical fitness. It also helps you to release your body from all the stress that you have stored in and this enables you to get better sleep at night. It also tires you which can also be another reason why you tend to sleep better. You will also realize that although you are sleeping for fewer hours, you will feel lesser stress because you are getting better sleep.sportsSports are amazing for your health and it is perfect to lower your rate for depression. People who are sad and de-motivated in life need to indulge in some sort of sport activity on a regular basis. This can help them feel a lot better about themselves and improve their happiness quotient. It will help you interact with more people on a regular basis while indulging in sporting activity. It also helps them forget about the worries and the rate of depression is reduced automatically. Indulging in a sport can result in leading a healthy and longer life. You can help to keep your body flexible and active for a very long time.

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Basics Of Goose Hunting


Out of all the water fowling we enjoy, goose hunting remains one of the most labor-extensive; there can be a lot of trial and errors involved alongside being able to use the best kind of decoys for the situation and concealing oneself. Many of the hunters before you have spent a small fortune on equipments and accessories; sure the techniques today are way better than those of the past but it has also become one of the most complicated and gear-oriented sport out there. Keep in mind that the weapon is only as good as the wielder. Sometimes, you only need to know a few tips and tricks.


  • Small Decoys

whenever decoys are concerned, hunters automatically think that the bigger the decoy then the better it is. Hunters commonly use customs decoys or full-body decoys on the field. In truth, they’re quite unnecessary most of the time. The key is to spread them, a lot of the expert hunters have testified to higher hunting success all thanks to using smaller decoys.

  • Less Calling is Better

manufacturers have sure put a lot of time into developing better goose calls, just about any goose can be attracted now. On the other hand, a number of goose hunting veterans have smashed records without ever using a goose call; goose call only come next to decoys and techniques.


  • Simple Concealment

various goose hunters may have their differences on opinions and techniques, but everyone can agree on the fact that a hunter’s concealment is key to a successful hunt. When those geese end up not finishing the decoys, it’s not because that particular goose has something better to do it’s just that it can see you all the way there readjusting your blinds. Take note, you can see a goose then it can probably see you even better.

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The Beautiful Game Of Football

Football is played by about 240 million people around the world according to the statistics taken out by FIFA in the year 2001 and that was 15 years ago, imagine by how much the numbers must have increased now specially after the popularity of the 2010 World Cup.

Football has been played since a long time, they might not exactly be football but they were different forms but any sport that had to do with a ball being controlled by a leg has been connected to football. For example the Chinese played a game where they had put a ball through a goal using their hands and legs and so did the old Greeks but the game played by the Greeks can hardly be compared to football as it was a way more violent form of football and was more of a mixture of wrestling and football and has more resemblance to the Rugby format.

The modern football rules were formulated in the Cambridge University matches and we saw the rise of football in the public schools of England in the 1800’s. Later on the Sheffield FA played football with their own set of rules and these were later absorbed in to FA to form their own rules. Later, the FA trophy was created with 11 teams and this is the oldest running football tournament in the world


Football is generally played on a rectangular field between two squads for 90 minutes and each squad comprises of 11 players, including a goalkeeper. There are two goals on each side of field of equal size and it is the responsibility of the goalkeeper to block a goal while another team tries to score in the goal. The game is played for 90 minutes in two halves and whichever team has scored the most goals in that time frame, wins the game. If the score is the same then the game is continued into extra time or any other formats like penalty shootouts, golden goal, etc. You can touch the ball with any part of your body other than your arm, only the goalkeeper is allowed to touch ball with his arms inside his own half.

There are four match officials who are used in a game and they are responsible to check if the game is being played fairly or not. One is the referee and he roams around the field checking every movement of players around the ball and they have the right to issue warnings to players in the form of yellow card or even ask a player to leave the field by dismissing him using a red card. A referee’s decision is final and is unquestionable. There are two linesmen on two sides of the field and they are the judge of throw ins and offsides. There is also a fourth official who keeps the benches of the two teams in check and officiates substituitions. The referee is also the official time keeper of the game and can add extra time at the end of halves due to stoppage of play during the normal time due to injuries and substituitions.

There are many terms in football that you need to be sure of before you get into the game. Fouls are conceded when a player from an opponent team tackles another player without touching the ball and there is only contact between the legs and other parts of the body. Depending on the intensity of the foul committed. The referee might just give a warning or even show a yellow card or sometimes a direct dismissal with the use of the red card.

If the ball goes out of the field then it is brought in by the team using their hand or legs. Hands are used in thrown ins along the length of the field and feet are used in corner kicks along the width of the pitch.

If games are stopped in the game due to an injury or any other convenience then the game is started with a drop of the ball or an indirect free kick. If a foul is committed by a team then the game is restarted with a direct free kick against the team. In an indirect free kick you can’t score directly from the spot whereas in a direct free kick you can score a goal directly from the spot.

The last important term to understand is the offside. An offside is committed when a player of a squad is beyond the line of the opposition’s defence line or if the player is beyond the opposition’s last defender when the pass is played to him. Then it is called offside and the other team gets a free kick. Football-Background


There are many organizations that control the footballing entities and every continent has their own governing bodies. FIFA is the largest governing body that control all the other bodies from the various continents. They have their headquarters at Zurich and Gianni Infantino is the current president. They were created in 1904 and are responsible for hosting various tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, FIFA world Club Cup, the Confederations Cup and other fusbal and beach football

FIFA has total revenue of 1.3 billion USD every year and generate a net profit of 700 million USD. They are responsible for giving away awards like the Ballon’D Or and other awards for various feats during a season. They keep official records of all the matches around the globe and are also seeing to development of new technologies so that they can make the game completely fair. During the 2014 World Cup they used goal line technology so that they get more precise results and the technology has been received with positive reviews.

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