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Why Should you take a ferry to Batam

Sindo Ferry Timetable Schedule

Batam ferries come in all shapes and sizes and with varying prices for the travellers. Although a few people complain of the waiting time to take the ferry, it is still considered to be the most convenient ways of reaching Singapore. batam_fast_ticket_1427760894_24e0b509

The rides can take anywhere between 40 minutes to over an hour to reach Singapore. And the ferry to Batam takes just as much, if not more, with which delay happens occasionally, but get your ferry ticket to Batam beforehand. Considering the fact that you are here and reading this article, let me get on quickly to why you should be travelling to Batam if you’re visiting Singapore.Sindo Ferry Timetable Schedule

  1. Batam is an island in Indonesia, which is popular with the tourists. It is a well-known shopping destination, where you can get everything you need at reasonable prices. So, if you’re on a budget and still want to spend a little cash on gifts for your family, Batam is the place to do just that!
  2. Batam spas are also very famous. You will find all kinds of spas ranging from affordable to luxurious, depending on your choices. You just have to seek the right place.
  3. Golf course at Batam are made for the pros. If you too love golfing or wish to simply take in the serenity of a golf course, then visit the golf courses at Batam. Not only are they a great way to spend your time, but also a way to rejuvenate yourself after all the travelling that you’ll be partaking.
  4. There are specially tours all across the island in which you can get yourself enrolled. They take tourists on all kinds of theme based activities. Some even have island tours where you visit the nearby islands which surround Batam. Temple tours, shopping tours and food tours are the most common. We suggest you talk to the organizers and create a private tour filled with activities according to your liking.

Langkawi Is The Perfect Travel Destination

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Langkawi has been spoken of, time and time again, by a lot of tourists as it has successfully reached global fame due to the sheer beauty and wonder of its place. White beaches everywhere, clear blue skies, affordable accommodations, and friendly people are just a few of the many reasons why going to Langkawi is a very good thing to do.langkawi-ferry (1)With this, there are a lot of people who ride a ferry Penang to Langkawi, just to see how good the place really is. In the island, you can have fun on the water sports and recreational activities that are just everywhere. The sky is literally the limit when you’re in a vacation in the place, because you really don’t have to worry about your budget. Everything is just very affordable in the island. Aside from the white sand beaches, you can also visit historical places such as the Mahsuri Mausoleum.langkawi-ferry


There are also more than 5,000 species of aquatic life that you can find in the marine aquarium in Langkawi’s Underwater World. There are also a few mammals and reptiles in the place, which is why it’s really not just about the water animals. Everything is just there. The giant eagle statue is also one of the many places you can go to in Langkawi.

Unwind and Feel Fresh

With all of these being said, Langkawi is simply the best place to go if you want to unwind and separate yourself from all of the hassle and pressures that the daily urban life gives you. Go to Langkawi and feel fresh once more. Once you’ve been in a vacation there, you’ll surely feel that you don’t want to leave. But then again, you can visit Langkawi next time. It’s always there, waiting for your return.

All You Need To Know About The Ferry Ride Tickets Online

ferry ticket

There are a number of reasons why you should consider getting your ferry ticket booked in advance and in case you’re wondering why you should book your tickets in advance when you can always get to the destination and book your tickets then here are a few things you should know. It is always better to plan your trip in advance and plan everything that you want to do before you actually get to the destination as this helps you to save on a lot of time as well as money. Booking the ferry ticket online is one of the safest ways to ensure that you do not have to stand in line for a long time before you can board the ferry and it also keep your seats reserved for you as well as your family.ferry ticketFerry rides are becoming increasingly popular by the day and more and more destinations are starting ferry rides to various islands in the country. If you do not want to miss a ferry ride but you also want to ensure that you get to the island on time without any problems then booking your ferry tickets online is an advantage. ferry ticketYou do not need to worry about getting to the place before time because you already have your tickets in hand. Since you have your tickets there is nobody who’s going to take your seat and you can sit and enjoy the ferry ride in the best manner.

When you book your ferry ride tickets in advance you do not have to pay as much money as you would at the last minute to book your ferry ticket and this means you save a lot of money. You also become a little environment friendly since you do not have to print the ferry ticket as you have them on your mobile phone.

Cruise Across The Waters From Mersing To Tioman


The blue waters of Tioman beckon a lot of tourists, and rightly so. If you are in Mersing and want to give the sunny island a visit, taking the ferry is the best option. A lot of speed-ferries operate on the route, and most of these have their own website. So, if you want to reserve your seat beforehand you are welcome to do so. In fact, that will be the smart way to go about it without leaving everything to chances since you may miss out on getting seats on the rather crowded route.


A Tioman holiday is pretty much in demand during the tourist seasons since everybody wants to give the isle a visit. The most well-known of all the ferries that operate in the region is the Blue Water ferry. In general if you want to travel by ferry, Mersing to Tioman is a really good route to travel on with its picturesque scenery and blue, calm waters. It will soothe your mind and brush away all the pent-up stress. The journey takes around 2hrs and the rides are fully air-conditioned. So there are no chances of it being a hassled experience. The Blue Water ferry is well-known for taking care of their customers.

The price of a ticket is 70 MYR. For pre-booking, the price is a little on the higher side because then overheads like infrastructure and other service fees come into play. However, compared to the peace of mind you get to have a seat booked in your name that is a very little price to pay. Once your tickets are booked, you can collect them from the departure gate counter 1 in Mersing. Have a printed copy of the transaction receipt with you and you will get your ticket. The rest of the journey will be a smooth ride from there.

Way To Travel From Malacca To Kuala Lumpur


If you are in Melaka and want to visit Kuala Lumpur, taking the bus will be the easiest option for you. A lot of the local people do so too, and the bus transport system is fairly regularized so you won’t be facing any difficulty in reaching your destination. There are loads of bus services offering similar services, and their drop locations vary. So, be very sure to check and double check with these agencies as to where exactly they are going to drop you because you don’t want to be too far off from where you want to be when you get off at your destination.

The bus from Melaka to KL is most likely to arrive at the Bandar Tasik Selatan Station from where the easiest way to reach the city will be to take a train. The buses operate every day, except for religious or public holidays, and Sunday. Don’t expect too much of convenience at the Melaka Central Station, however if you just ask a local they will be happy to guide you properly. Most of these agencies have their own websites, and a lot of people travel on this route on a regular basis. So, the smart option for you would be to pre-book your seat on the bus, otherwise sometimes it gets hard to get an empty seat.


On the other hand, if you notice some bus getting ready to leave with the conductor screaming “Kuala Lumpur” and you have not pre-booked your seat, take it as a sign that the bus has empty seats. Grab hold of that opportunity and take the journey. If you want to avoid the bus-train combined journey (it comes with its own set of hassles), check out the executive coaches which directly reach the city. The journey takes around 2hours, the train one another half an hour. The view is picturesque, so unless you are super picky you shouldn’t complain about the journey once you arrive in the big city.

Easybook And Its Premium Ticketing Service

EasyBook ETS Train Ticket Booking Services is the new name of the former It is one of the most reputable ticketing services that offers to the public various tickets of all kinds, from busses, to trains, to ferries, and more. It has more than 150 express bus companies tucked in its sleeves, ranging from four countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. You can visit Easybook’s website here: ETS Train Ticket Booking Services

Knowing More About Easybook started out in the year 2006, and up until now, it continuously provides an ensured quality booking for all customers. People who want to travel must first book their tickets. But with the help of Easybook, they can avoid the hassle of physically going to the ticket store. There are a lot of factors that these people can come through along the way, such as heavy traffic. With this, the most convenient way to book a ticket is through Easybook, as one can access it online.EasyBook ETS Train Ticket Booking ServicesCustomers can even avail the ZERO Admin Fee discount of Easybook, if one avails bus trips in Malaysia and in Singapore. If one was to avail tickets the old traditional way, they might end up having to pay more. But with the access of the internet ticketing platform of Easybook, customers and the company itself can spend less. What makes it really good is that the whole transaction happens in much less the amount of time compared to the traditional ticketing way.

Easybook is What You Need

Travelers can easily pick the convenient time that they want to travel, along with the corresponding destination. All they have to do is to just move the mouse and click it. This happens in the comfort of their own respective homes.

Surely, is the best choice for you if you want to book your future travels.

Booking A Ferry Ticket At Easy Book

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In Southeast Asia the biggest and longest running online Booking is Easy book, you can book a bus, train and ferry ticket with the help of their website. Say good bye to all those hassles and frustrations that you can’t help but experience every time you personally wait in line for a ticket booth on every trip. On an important note, bookings are non-refundable unless the ferry company itself cancelled the trip. Also, if you have children aged 0 to 2 years old and do not require their own seat then you don’t have to book a ticket for them.ferry ticket

Ferry Tickets

As we mentioned, Easy Booking has made it their mission to provide an easier time booking tickets as you may have guessed through their name. So here is an overview on how you can book ferry tickets:ferry ticket

  1. You have to provide information like the origin, departure date, departure time and destination in your search. When the perfect one appears, click the ‘Select Sears’ option.
  2. After selecting the specific seats you want to occupy, use the ‘Go to Returning Trips option’ for booking round trips.
  3. Through the ‘Meal Available’ feature, select your meal plan.
  4. Once all the information is provided, double check everything before going through to the Journey and Payment Details.
  5. Please enter any discount codes you have before paying.
  6. You can choose from the following payment options: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Enets and AXS.
  7. Agree on their terms and policies.
  8. A key verification code will be asked, afterwards simply click ‘Pay Now’.
  9. Confirm the total number of tickets and amount, make sure that it’s correct before proceeding.
  10. Fill all necessary details on their payment page, afterward an order summer will be sent to the email you provided and you will present this when boarding.