Cleanliness Motivates People To Work -Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning is an important task that needs to be carried out in any office to maintain hygienic and better working condition, to save employees from perilous disease. It creates best working environment and increases productivity of workers. Now a days, companies hire professional cleaning company.

Why There Is Increase In Trend On Professional Office Cleaning?         

Taking professional and expertise help is considered to be good for office cleaning purpose because-

  • Focused and dedicated hours of cleaning– This is most attractive feature of professional cleaning, in which they give dedicated man hours to office for their cleaning purpose. They mostly work when all employees leave office. They do dusting and wiping of all furniture items, Cleaning of walls, moping of floors, bathroom maintenance, carpet cleaning to polishing work almost they do all task regarding cleaning.


  • Cleaning is done thoroughly (Exteriors and Interiors all covered)- Whole building is cleaned starting from exterior to interior .For cleaning purpose advanced and pressure washers are

Used. This also includes Maintenance service. Service offered in this direction includes regular inspection of light, taking care of broken furniture, checking of bulb etc.

  • Guaranteed Work- All the work professional company do that is supported by expert and is guaranteed.
  • Packages are also available- Cleaning Packages are available time to time given by professional cleaning companies. These packages include quality office cleaning services Oakville at better prices.
  • Safe and Advanced Cleaning Products- Professional training companies  train their employees time to time to use advanced cleaning products. So they use latest technology for cleaning and maintaining their companies standards.

Points To Remember While Contracting For Office Cleaning-

  • One should research about various price quotes those are available with cleaning companies. It may vary from 5 to 20 percent per square feet as per location, size and frequency of building to be cleaned. We should know about different methods of pricing those are available with contractor.
  • We should facilitate contractor to see building in person and discuss our need with them. Make a detailed note of square and footage of rooms those are needed to be cleaned. Discuss frequency of cleaning that is required for your organization for particular period of time.


  • Keep on reviewing the information and numbers you have given. For example you can plan for 1 hour cleaning schedule for 1 worker for 1000 sq ft of area. More frequent will be the cleaning less time it will take.
  • Factors that can affect time requirement of your job should be taken into consideration. Some companies want regular cleaning and some wants weekly basis. Make sure to discuss with client as to how cleaning hours will be managed so that there is no confusions later on.
  • Provide detail bid sheet to the client. It should include cleaning schedule, frequency and price of each task to be performed. Special requirement of any resources like time, material used, manpower requirement should be taken into consideration and should be provided at the same time only.

Office buildings are area where we spend majority and crucial time.  Environment act as catalyst as it motivates employees to work. Having office building cleaned is something needs to be done on regular basis.

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