Cosplay Costume Quality Checks

When it comes to the quality and accuracy of the Cosplay costume, it varies from one store to the next and from one commissioner to the next. The trick is normally in the pricing; the lower the cost of the costume, the chances of it being of low quality. It is recommended that you get a mid range costume so that you are assured of its durability. Quality and price go hand in hand and don’t sacrifice quality in the name of going for an affordable costume.

Cosplay Stores


When you decide to buy from a Cosplay store, you might end up getting a low quality, inaccurate costume in the stores though you can get amazingly detailed good quality too. This is due to the fact that, their production is mass, thus they concentrate more on quantity than quality. They make low-quality products because they have this notion that, people will buy them whatever the case. And the buyers from these shops in most cases, don’t know much about the material quality and they base their purchase on the price and not quality.

If  you go for a satin material, it will look good in some lighting while looking generally cheap. They easily fray and its seams tend to come out. It is so bad and this is the material which you will most like to get in the Cosplay stores.

It doesn’t mean that all the Cosplay costume sold in Cosplay stores is bad; what it means, you have to be very keen before you settle for the type of material and costume you are looking for. Make sure that you have a reference picture of the costume available to compare. Read reviews on amazon, eBay, and other online stores to ascertain that, whatever you are about to buy is worth every dollar you spent; it should have good value for your money. If you suspect that the material used is not original, move to the next costume and check it out.



With the commissioners, your costume will be made from scratch, designed to your specifications. In most cases, they are Cosplay themselves, they normally know what type of fabric to use for a particular costume. They know all the little details that are needed to make a great costume. Before you commit to using  a particular commissioner, make sure you ascertain from their portfolio that they are experienced and they will do a good job for you.  Check out other items they have successfully made and how other users of their services have rated them.


The truth is, quality and accuracy is a gamble as you can not feel them online. Since the buying option of the stores and the commissioners are online, you have no option but choose from the many on display in the online shops. If you are not sure, you will have to ask for additional information so that you satisfy your ego. Using the photos, you can make a gamble on which on to purchase.

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