Creating The Outline Of Pavement According To The Planned Design

Pavement work begins with processing a design and outlining the paper-based plan on the location with markings. One can use colored spray cans for this and use stakes and string lines to understand better. It is necessary to create a visual idea of the design to estimate the possibility and any changes to the design wherever necessary.

Excavation Of Soil And Set Elevation Level For The Patio Surface

Once the design is finalized, the excavation process can begin, which is required for creating solid outlines and cleaning the path from topsoil and any grass or plantation. During this step, it is necessary to consider the paving stone’s dimensions, the height of the bed layer, and the slope at a regular distance of the patio.

Putting The Double-Base Layer Of Gravel Mortar And Sand 

This is followed by laying the base layer of gravel mortar, providing strength and firm stability to the final pathway. After this gravel layer dries up, it is covered by paving sand which is supposed to hold the pave block when placed in their respective positions.

Laying The Pavement Layers And Edge Restraints Finally

Finally, the paving stones are laid next to each other on the complete pathway, and the gaps are filled with liquid cement. Also, the edge restraints are put to hold the paves in their respective place during heavy traffic load or rain. You can check our tänavakivide paigaldus hind to know what we cost for doing these tasks for our clients.

We also sell precast pave stones or natural paving stone slabs and blocks, which are available in various options to select from. You can try a combination of patterns or get a new design cast out from factories that make paving stones.

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