Digitizing The Embroidery Process

Items, regardless if they are clothing or home decorations like curtains or mantles, have grander aesthetic appeal compared to simple prints on clothing. Embroidery is known as the art of decorating fabric pieces or any other material with the help of a simple needle and thread; others substitute the thin thread for similar items like yarn. Other materials like pearls, quills, beads and sequins can also be added for a better design. Embroidery digitizing has now paved the way for a better and faster production process, it is offered by tons of companies out there.


Considered as a leader among embroidery digitizing companies that offers their services through the internet, Edigitize is something that you should definitely check out. Established in February 2002, they have offered numerous services where they easily streamline and automate that entire process of embroidery through embroidery digitizing; beforehand it was clearly complicated and the time to finish was longer.

Edigitize understands just how much effort and time you invested on embroidery equipment as well as relevant training in order to create embroidered items with amazing quality for all your customers. For every kind of order, you know how long it takes to finish and how you can perfect it. As a business owner, you strived for your reputation and that’s where Edigitize comes in. Edigitize helps by offering high quality digitized files, rest assured that every time you press the ‘start’ button on that machine it will produce nothing but the best quality.

In case the file you have needs to be revised or enhanced in order to produce clean work, they revise the file without any charge. But if you do have to change the same file from the initial specifications they can create an edited version for $15 as editing fee.

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