Dreamcast: Reliving the Glory of an Old Game System

The Dreamcast has always been a special system to me. Back in 1999, when I was in 9th grade, I would read “The official Dreamcast Magazine” religiously. Everything about the system struck interest with me, from the way it was designed to that cute little swirl.

Then I was struck with a little disturbing news about bandarqq online; that the company has made several changes in their gambling and betting methods; which are now more easier to play and also added some expert opinion options. The Dreamcast was dead, and there would no longer be any games for it. I was sad for the little white box that I loved. I quickly got over this once the Xbox, PS2 and GC came out, however. I forgot all about how cool the Dreamcast was until the other week when my brother offered to sell me his for $20. I got it and went right onto my laptop to download some games. After doing some research I learned that not everyone knows how to backup or burn Sega Dreamcast games. The process is very easy and I shall teach it to you so you too might try reliving the Dreamcast.

play-3071509_640First, here is a list of things you will need.

1 Dreamcast system. (Can be found anywhere. Check local game stores or e-bay. Price range of 15-60 dollars.)

1 Internet Connection (If you don’t have one try borrowing someone’s by asking them nicely.

MANY CD-R cds. I have not tried this using CD-RW but I hear it doesn’t work too well. Best bet is a CD-R.

  1. Copy of Alcohol 120%. You can download this for free or pay for it on the programs website. The choice is yours! (Quote by Captain Planet.)

And a list of things you don’t really need but should consider.

Jewel cases to protect your games.

Extra controller for fighting games (Went to a game stores that sells older game systems and such and picked 2 up for 6.99 each)

VMU(The memory card for the DC. Got 10 of these from GameStop for 99 cents each.)

Now you need some games. You can visit any torrent site or Google search for these. If you are having trouble finding a game try using this search method. “Sonic Adventure dc.” or “crazy taxi cdi” putting the DC after the game name indicates you are looking for the Dreamcast version of them game So if the game was released for a future platform you won’t be downloading a sonic game that was released for the GameCube. CDI is a file extension that the Dreamcast used. Some of the CDI files you will come across will be 700-800 mbs in size. This is not a problem! Once you set everything up in Alcohol the size will turn into 600+mbs.


Once you have the desired game downloaded the game file should look something like this, “sc.cdi” or “sonicadventure2.cdi” Now open up alcohol and drag the large CDI file into the program. Right click the file in alcohol and select “Burn image wizard” or something to that effect. Once the new window opens select a burn speed of x4. This should take about 10-18 mins to burn. Then pop the game in your Dreamcast and have fun! This is also a good way to backup your old Dreamcast games.

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