Drink In Moderation: The Side-Effects Of Drinking Coffee

If there are benefits to drinking coffee, then there are also side-effects from drinking too much of it. Just like alcoholic drinks, it’s best to drink coffee in moderation as well.

Coffee is a great pick-me-upper drink as it helps boost your energy. Even the aroma of it helps rouse of your sense. Apart from that, it’s a drink that’s especially convenient for those who are always on the go. But the effects of it are only experienced after it’s been drank.

Coffee is actually an adult’s drink as it contains high amounts of caffeine in it (so it’s prohibited for any child or pregnant woman to consume). Take note that caffeine is the main ingredient of coffee.


So when drinking coffee, it’s best to just keep your cups to just 4 or less. Drinking more than that can make you dependent on its effects, that you may soon experience having a hard time withdrawing from it. What’s worse is taking more than the given cups since you no longer feel that form of stimulation in your system.

Drinking too much coffee can also cause the following ailments to happen: tenseness or anxiety, restlessness or insomnia, nausea and/or vomiting, upset stomach, ulcer, heartburn, headaches, a ringing sound in the ear, sudden palpitations, and an abrupt rise in your heart rate (amongst other things).

Although coffee has a number of health benefits (is said to help prevent certain kinds of diseases), fixing yourself a cup of coffee the improper way can also lead to other illnesses. Take for example drinking coffee that hasn’t been filtered (isn’t boiled). Doing so can lead to an increase in your overall cholesterol count and a lower mass count of lipoprotein. Other than that, it can also increase the levels of a different blood type (also known as triglycerides). So regardless whether you are using the best 5 cup drip coffee maker, coffee in general is just like a coin with two sides. It has the positive and the negative effects.

Now that you’re already oriented about the side-effects (a person becomes alert, does well with any activity he/she is engaged in, and is also able to concentrate more) that coffee can do to a person’s system, it can also make ‘bleeding disorders’ a lot worse for people who experience this.


Besides that, if you happen to have a heart disease, make sure to avoid drinking more than 4 cups of coffee.

If you happen to be diabetic, drinking coffee on a daily basis can also alter the way you process sugar (can contribute to an increase/decrease of your blood sugar).

Other than that, anyone who is also experiencing osteoporosis should limit their consumption of coffee.

Consuming more coffee can lead for the body to flush out more calcium (through urine) and can cause for the bones to weaken.

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