Information regarding the Best Swimmers of All Time

1) In 1985, Baltimore, MD welcomed a baby boy that would grow up to be known as the greatest swimmer of All-time. This boy is Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps actually followed his sisters Hillary (swam in college) and Whitney (tried out for the 1996 Olympics, but just missed the team) into the swimming pool. At the age of seven Michael would began his swimming adventure at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club. Eight years later, at the age of fifteen, Phelps would make his Olympic debut during the 2000 Olympics held in Sydney, Australia. The Olympics in Sydney helped to make Michael the youngest male-record holder in swimming.

In 2004, Phelps would compete in the 2004 Olympic games held in Athens, Greece. There Michael Phelps won six gold medals and two bronze medals, for a total of eight Olympic medals. He would set records along the way. The games in Athens would leave him one gold medal short of the record previously set by Mark Spitz (7 gold medals in one Olympic games). Michael Phelps would get another chance in the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing. Online search for adult swimming lessons will provide the list of the best swimmers of the world. The beginners can follow their instruction to excel in the swimming classes. 


In one of the most excited Olympic games, the 2008 Beijing Olympics would bring more fame and history to Michael Phelps as he passed the seven gold medals record set by Mark Spitz. One of the closest calls ever in swimming, helped Michael Phelps break the record and become the best swimmer of all time!

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2)Number two on our list, Mark Spitz gave number one, Michael Phelps something to work for. In 1972, Mark Spitz won seven gold medals in a single Olympics! A record that would hold for 36 years!

In years since, Mark Spitz would be voted Athlete of the Century in water sports and one of the six greatest Olympians of all time by Sports Illustrated. He would score endorsements deals with the likes of General Motors and others. He would become a praised public speaker. Today, Mark Spitz is second on our list of the best swimmers of all time!

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3)Dara Torres is the comeback lady of swimming today. In 2008, Dara made her fifth Olympic team after being on a hiatus. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics Dara would win three silver medals.

Dara’s swimming career, however, began long before Beijing. Dara attended the University of Florida where she would win the maximum number of 28 NCAA All-American Swimming Awards. After college, she would become the first U.S. swimmer to compete in four Olympic Games. She would set three world records, winning nine Olympic medals along the way. Four of those medals would be gold!

Dara Torres has also worked in television and print modeling. She is a mother and the author of the upcoming book, Age is Just A Number.

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4) Natalie Coughlin, born in 1982, became the first woman to win to back-to-back Olympic titles in the 100m backstroke. She is also in the history books as the first United States female swimmer to win six medals at a single Olympics! Natalie is number four on our list of the best swimmers of all time!


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5) Gary Hall Jr. is a 10-time Olympic medalist. He has participated in three Olympic games. At the 1996 Olympics, Hall won two gold medals. In 1999, Hall’s life would take a turn when he was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. His doctor told him that he wouldn’t be able to compete at the same level. Gary Hall Jr. had other plans. At the 2000 Olympics, held in Sydney, Gary won his first individual gold with the 50m free. He would do the same at the 2004 Olympics, held in Athens.

Gary Hall Jr. has proved illness doesn’t have to stop you from achieving your dreams. With the Gary Hall Jr. Foundation for diabetes, he is helping millions of others live their lives and achieve their dreams.

Gary Hall Jr. is a swimmer and diabetes patient with determination, drive, goals and achievements. For those reasons he is number five on our list of the best swimmers of all time!

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