Keratin Hair Treatment Reviews All You Need To Know Is Here

Welcome to my website that has everything you need to know about keratin hair treatments! My name is Erin and I’ve been fighting with my frizzy hair for my entire life.

That is until I found out about keratin hair treatments. I started this website so I could share my experiences using keratin hair products with other women. Women can use the inoar moroccan keratin products to get the benefits. The quality of the products is the best one for the individuals. The information is collected from the best source to have the correct results. The hair treatments are the best one for the safety of the hairs.

Believe it or not all keratin hair treatments are not created equal. Hopefully my keratin hair treatment reviews can help you find a keratin treatment that really works for you.

FYI This is my personal product review so if you are looking to buy a keratin treatment right now you can click here to visit the site I bought mine from.

What Is a Keratin Hair Treatment?

My hair is so curly and frizzy that I can’t really wear it down unless I have time to blow dry and straighten it with a flat iron. That’s where the keratin treatment comes into play. After just one keratin treatment my hair stays sleek and straight for at least 2 months.

The best part is that I don’t have to flat iron every day; I can just wash a go. This is the only hair treatment I’ve ever used that could tame my frizzy hair for longer than a few hours.

How Does It Work?

One of the main reasons I love keratin hair treatments is because they are so easy to do at home. The entire process usually takes about 2 hours. All you need is a keratin treatment solution, a blow dryer and a flat iron. After washing and blow drying your hair you add the solution to your hair.

The solution sits for awhile and then you use your flat iron to bind the complex to your hair. The steps may vary a bit depending on which keratin hair treatment product you choose, but that’s the general idea. Not having to deal with the frizz for a few months makes it totally worth the time it takes.

My Review of Keratin Hair Treatments

There are other keratin hair treatment reviews out there but most only focus on one product. I’m going to tell you about a few of the different keratin treatments that I’ve had a chance to try. I had my first keratin smoothing treatment done in the salon and it was great. It lasted for 3 months and my curls were beautiful with no frizz at all. Unfortunately it cost me over $300 which is more than I can afford on a regular basis.

A few months later I found out about the at home treatment. I started out with a 4 oz bottle of the Express Blowout Treatment by Coppola which was good for one use. The whole process was really easy and it worked great. I haven’t been back to the salon for a Brazilian treatment since.

Now I usually buy the Coppola Keratin Solution in the larger bottles because it’s cheaper. I recently began using their keratin complex shampoo and conditioner. My treatments last a lot longer with the aftercare products.

Overall I have been really impressed with the results. My hair is really silky now and the curls are not completely gone but they are much easier to manage. There was a slight smell, similar to the way the hair salon smells. But it disappeared soon after I finished the smoothing treatment.

Last month I decided to try another brand that had favorable reviews online. The Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment QOD MAX 1000ml turned out to be a really great product. The results were similar to the Coppola brand but the smell was better. Apparently this stuff is made with cocoa extract and keratin. It left my hair really shiny and totally frizz free. It was a bit more expensive then the Coppola Keratin brand. I am still having a hard time deciding which one I like best.

Where Can You Find Keratin Hair Treatments

I usually go to to buy both the Coppola brand and the Brazilian Keratin QOD MAX. The Coppola brand comes in several sizes and aftercare products such as the shampoo and conditioner. The cost for the 8 OZ bottle of Coppola is under $125.00 which is a great deal when compared to the salon.

I also found the Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment QOD MAX 1000ml on Amazon for around $200. That may seem like a lot compared to the Coppola but you get up to 20 applications from one bottle of solution. Also be sure to check out other reviews on Amazon and see which one is the right fit for you. But with Either of these two Keratin Hair Treatments you can not go wrong!

If you are constantly using the flat iron on your frizzy or curly hair you should totally try this out. It worked for me, now I just wash and skip the flat iron! You can click here to buy Coppola and Brazilian Keratin QOD MAX at the lowest prices I’ve been able to find online!

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