League of Legends- Champions For Starters

There are many parameters that need to be taken care of when it comes to the nature of online video games. For one, the makers have to focus completely on the content and never allow it to go out of hand by deviating from the chosen line of topic. 

Violence and sleaze have to be avoided as much as possible, but its not easy as the younger generation is attracted to it and likes only those games where these two things abound in it with grand theft auto being a prime example of it. Maybe that’s why gamers invest millions in such games that have sex and betrayal as the core content, not because they like it, but because they have no choice.  


Ray of Hope 

However, that is not always the case and league of legends is a good example in this regard as it relies entirely on good content and has no vulgar level or obscenity in it and focuses on enhancing the brainpower of children. 

Beginner Level 

It is not easy to sail through the game easily as it requires a lot of innovative thinking to workout solutions at different levels, with each being far more complicated than the other. 

Therefore, you will find that the bunch of champions who have reached up to this point are a confused lot and the rift map is one that is nearly impossible to get to for new players. 


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The best league of champions are as follows: 

  1. Nasus 
  2. Garen 
  3. Annie 
  4. Morgana 
  5. Leona 
  6. Asha 
  7. Janna 

These are just a few of them and there are many more to emerge as the game moves on to new levels. 

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