Learning the Dynamics of Improv with Christian Capozzoli

Improvisation is commonly associated with performing arts, and is defined as the act of performing spontaneously without any preparations or scripts. This is usually used in comedy acts, but is now widely accepted in various genre. This could push you to learn the basic of improv, and how could you improve to perform it successfully. Thus, you should look-up Christian Capozzoli on that.

How Can Christian Capozzoli Help You Know about the Dynamics of Improvisation?


Mister Capozzoli is one of the finest improvisers in the world today, and is recognized as one of the top instructors on the subject. He has a background of BFA in Writing, Literature and Publishing, and have gained Master’s Degree in Literature and Education as well. Moreover, his natural improv talent and skills makes him uniquely exceptional among other improv personalities nowadays, and he willingly impart his techniques and style through his lessons.

If you want to learn all about improvisation, it is best if you will read the “Aerodynamics of Yes” by Christian Capozzoli. It is a manual for improvisers, and have complete info on how to become an effective improviser on stage.

It tells on how can you perform spontaneously, using only things, ideas, people and some other stuff that you can find on the spot of any places. This can let you improve in catching people’s attention very well, thus effectively delivering your lines and acts spontaneously. This can surely help you able to perform without preparations or scripts, while gaining applause from your audience.

To know more about the techniques and guides you can learn from Christian Capozzoli, just get a copy of the “Aerodynamics of Yes” for yourself! This can definitely help you learn the fundamentals of improvisations, and help you improve it up. You can also visit his official websites to learn more about him.

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