Make New Female Friends Online

Over the years I’ve talked to thousands of people on various social networks. I’ve heard it all, from friendly to angry, and everything in between. I’ve learned how to gain friends, and how to lose friends. Being a male, I’ve compiled a few tips for other males as it pertains to making female friends.

First rule, be confident. Don’t show up writing about how ugly you are, or that you’re sad about something. Talk cheerful, women aren’t online to be depressed or comfort someone.

Mention something on her page that she wrote about herself. She will appreciate you took the time to read what she has to say, instead of only looking at her photos.

Write comments on her page. She likes that you say something nice about her photo or just stop by her page. A nice comment can go a long way. Be polite and don’t flirt, remember the public can read what you say, and she might have family members, or friends from school on her page. Any flirting should be written in private.

Don’t tell her everything about yourself in the opening messages. Women like a man with a slight mysterious side. You will be more interesting to her and she will write you wishing to learn new things.

In your own profile, post clear pictures of yourself. You don’t want blurry or dark photos, but bright and colorful instead. High quality photos will improve your chances greatly.

If you want to mention she’s pretty, once is enough in the beginning. She read it the first time you said it, and anything after that will only start to irritate her. Instead show that you like the person she is, that you think she treats you nice.

When it comes to flirting, be playful, not vulgar. She’ll enjoy a light and easy style of flirting compared to a heavier style. Don’t continue flirting during the conversation, break it up and talk about normal things, such as what she did that day, or how she is doing lately. Flirting should only be used lightly during the conversation, just a sentence here or there. When she’s comfortable she’ll flirt more, but let her get to that point on her own without forcing it upon her.

Don’t make remarks about people she knows. Chances are she’s known that person a lot longer than she’s known you. Don’t talk about other women you know, and don’t talk about other men she knows.

Have a sense of humor. If she makes a joke about you, laugh with her. Remember that you can’t tell tone through reading, what might have seemed hostile might not have been intended that way, so don’t be easily irritated. In general, take what she says as teasing, nothing more.

When it comes to asking for a date, think of something you believe would be fun. Ask her for a nice dinner or drink, a day at a park, or anything she enjoys. You don’t want to mention anything sexual. Women are wary of men online in general, and they don’t want to meet someone who they think is just wanting to have sex.

On top of that, privacy is a huge issue on social networking sites. With the help of services like, it is now possible for people to see even private profiles. But for some people, there is a beauty in using the service.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll find women will spend more time wanting to know you. You don’t need to try extra hard to get their attention, just be yourself and relax.

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