The Next Holiday Destination: Phi Phi Islands

Koh Phi Phi islands are a beautiful bunch of six islands spread 50 km in south-east direction of Phuket. The name of the island Phi Phi finds its origin in Malay. The possible Phi Phi island tour prices usually start from 1500 Baht return.

The original name of these islands was Pulao Pi ah Pi. The names are associated with the mangrove wood found in the islands. The popular belief is that the province of these islands might have got its name from the meaning of Krabi, which refers to sword. The name might have crept from the tale that an ancient sword was dug up prior to the foundation of the city.

The islands of Phi Phi form a part of Nopparattara Koh Phi Phi National Park which is spread across the area of 242, 437 Rai. The island is basically a blend of the cultural cocktail of Buddhists, Muslims, sea gypsies, Thai Chinese and Chao Ley. The population of the island is dominated by Muslims. The island mainly has two seasons: Hot and Wet.  Hot season runs from November to April and Wet season is from May to October.  The average temperature of the island ranges in the neighbourhood of 25 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius. The area of the island is inhabited by some of the oldest communities of Thailand dating back to the prehistoric times. The islands of Phi Phi are famous for their caves, long and white sandy beaches and limestone cliffs.  The main part of the island of Phi Phi which is populated is the core of activities for residential areas, nightlife, beach fun and restaurants.



The developed areas of the island of Phi Phi, which is resided by the original inhabitants is situated in and around the village of Tonsai. The village lies on a lowly situated on a sandy isthmus joining the two hilly spurs which comprises the remaining portion of the island. There are also other peaceful areas like the quieter resorts of Viking Beach, Laem Thong, Long Beach and may other less accessible places in the island. The island of Phi Phi is said to have no motorised transport.  The islands are considered to be a class-apart destination for rock climbing, having over more than 600 routes in the different places. The peak months of the islands witness as many as ten thousand visitors in a day.  One of the major attractions of the island of Phi Phi is the Carbon Footprint, which is pretty renowned for its environmental diversity.


The greenery of the island is a feast to the eyes, with soft and sandy beaches forming the boundary of the islands. The limestone mountains overshadow the island and the seas surround them with their serene, transparent and aquamarine waters.  What sells the island most is the lush green environment which is well maintained for future progenies and for the exotic variety of species that live in the islands’ natural habitat.  Another major attraction of the islands is Phi Phi Ley, famous for its rocky outcroppings, beaches and coral reefs. The Maya Bay, known for the shooting the movie “ The Beach”, is a home to Viking Cave that has paintings from the prehistoric period and here they also gather eatable birds nest for the soup of birds nest

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