No More Double Chin And Saggy Neck For You

Along with death and taxes there’s yet another almost inescapable annoyance that many people face as they age. The dreaded double chin! yep the old turkey neck, saggy jowls, whatever you want to call it many of us will not be able to escape it.

Along with baggy eyes and crows feet a double chin and saggy neck can make you look 10 to 15 years older than you are and feel. So of course we wanted to know, is CoolSculpting for a double chin and lose neck something that’s worth exploring. Well, you see the results above and man-o-man what a difference. For our money it’s got to be one of the most dramatic differences a person can make to your face. Especially if your tired of looking at that puffy, annoying fat on their neck and chin areas.

CoolSculpting for a double chin and loose neck are performed in about the same way as other areas of the body except a smaller applicator called the CoolMini is used which of course makes sense, (using a smaller devise that is). The gold standard for fat freezing in these areas is typically one to two visits and on average the cost is $600-$2000 depending on if you need both sides done and how much fat needs to be addressed.

While the results seems pretty impressive we thought it equally important to let you in on some of the feedback and CoolSculpting reviews we came on a popular medical blog regarding discomfort and pain issues. For our purposes we’ll paraphrase the comment to keep them brief.

“Just did mine yesterday and the pain was like an 8 out of 10. I was supposed to do both sides of my chin, but couldn’t stand the pain when it first suctioned – so just did one in the middle”.

“I was surprised at how painful it was! I also had referred pain in my neck. I did not think that I would be able to bear it for an hour”.

“The massage was excruciating. Sleep was hard last night as the area throbs more when you lay down. This was much more intense than I expected – hope it was worth it”.

Now to be fair there were other comments from people who didn’t have much pain at all, let’s her from some of them.

“I had this done (side by side treatment 1x under chin) a week ago. No pain during procedure after things cooled down & numbed 4-5 minutes in”.

” I have a low tolerance for pain. I would say on a scale of 0 (no pain) to 10 (very painful), the discomfort when the process starts is a 5 for about 5 minutes. I think the shock of the cold temperature is reason”

As you can see it’s sort of a mixed bag and we were unable to draw a definitive conclusion. We bring up this whole pain issue up because we think it’s important to ask the CoolSculpting clinic’s doctor or technician about this before you make the investment. Ultimately, it may simply be related to an individual’s tolerance for pain.

With all this in mind it’s clear that having CoolSculpting done for double chin and neck is a winner. We hope this article helps you in making the decision.

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