Some Practical Tips To Promote Your Spotify Playlist

All artists who wish to make spotify the platform in which they would release music all want the same thing, and that is attention. With that said, there are just so many ways in order for you to get this, and some people have even turned their attention to sites like bloopul wherein you get a surge in followers, and would help to make you more noticed on such platforms. While these are of great help, it also matters that you don’t just rely on them, and that you release your music in a strategic manner. What are some of these strategies or tips that you can use for more efficient music release? Let’s find out below!


Staggered Release of Music

As with mainstream musicians who don’t just drop everything in one go, this is also a tip that’s worth following. You don’t really need to make all parts of the album available immediately. One rule-of-thumb that musicians tend to follow is for you to release the remainder of your album or playlist only after two weeks after the feature record has been released. This way, you can test the waters and thus, release the music when it’s best.

Collaborate with Other Artists

This is not an uncommon thing to do among artists who are young and budding, and that is to work together with those who have more exposure. Make it a point to collaborate with certain artists, or even those who are unsigned but already have a huge following. If can lead to more than one playlist (yours and the artist you collaborate with) to gain twice as many followers and streams. Note that every single playlist has the potential to be listened to by just thousands of people, and that the most effective form of advertisement is by word of mouth.

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