A Review On Sun Basket Meal Kits

Basically, Sun Basket delivers healthy and organic meal kits; they are dedicated to providing the quality, fresh and organic food at a very affordable price. Not only that, but they want to give out premeasured ingredients and easy to follow recipes in order to help their clients cook for themselves; nothing can compare to the feeling of doing something new and achieving something on your own. If you’re curious about the experience of other people from Sun Basket, then read on to know one of the highest Sun Basket review on the internet; the review is based on their personal experience.


Overall Review

Sun Basket drops off all the ingredients that you need for the recipes that you chose beforehand. Their meal kits consist of 3 meals a week, here’s how they operate ‘We shop, you cook.’ All the ingredients are fresh, organic and they are already measured in order to avoid spoilage from excess food. Each meal contains about 500 to 800 calories; you can choose from paleo, gluten free and vegetarian recipes. As for the time from preparing to garnish your finished meal, it should only take about 30 to 45 minutes.

As far as the packaging goes, all the contents were properly labelled and packed. There should be three bags that contain all the necessary ingredients for three different recipes. All the meat, seafood and poultry are packed on the bottom of the package while everything else is packed at the top. Each side of the box contains ice in order to keep the freshness of the food at its peak.


What most people love is the fact that they don’t need to measure anything anymore or go to the store for additional ingredients. They’re able to cook for themselves and their family without additional help.

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