Sexual Assault Lawyer

A sexual contact which is forced or that occurs without the consent of the victim is called a sexual assault. It includes sexual harassment of any type like child molestation, rape, harassment in public places etc. It is a type of violence which violates the sanctity of women. The sexual assault lawyer torronto have been very actively fighting for such cases. Sexual assault also includes voyeurism, exhibitionism. Along with sexual coercion it is an unwanted sexual activity that occurs when someone is tortured and forced in some other ways other than physical way. Sexual assault is not only limited to women but it has been reported worldwide that it has occurred with men, gays, Trans genders.


Sexual abuse lawyers are scattered all over the world. A sexual assault lawyer toronto works for the people who have been sexually assaulted and who need justice for the crime which was committed with them. Before choosing a lawyer the level of comfortness, the work and the fees of the lawyer should be kept in mind along with the convenience to travel the distance to his/her office should be taken into consideration. Whenever a person is sexually assaulted he or she may feel awkward in expressing the situation which can happen in offices, big firms, but going to a sexual assault lawyer is the best option.

In India though such cases tend to run for several years in the court. But in foreign countries the judgement is a way to faster and the punishment offered to such crimes are severe. For a sexual assault lawyer to get justice for the victim he or she should be confident, should know their subject well along with proper evidences and witnesses. The evidence and witness collecting strategy should be pre planned and this should be strong enough to get justice. The lawyer should never underestimate his opponent lawyer as anything can change in the court in a slight of a second. Also the witnesses which are collected should be convinced in such a way that they do not back out in the court in giving their respective statements.


In majority of high profile sexual assault cases the accused is the high profile celebrity,the cases are mostly suppressed. In such a case the victim should choose a lawyer who can fight the case without any self-motive and whose honest and trust worthy. Some of the known lawyers worldwide are Jeff Herman who is highly recognised. He is the founder and managing partner of Herman law and a firm which represents sexual abuse clients. He has represented all the age group people who have been victims of sexual harassment.

He works with total determination and makes sure that his clients get proper justice. Another best known lawyer is Gloria Allred – she is the most sought after lawyer who has fought most of the high profile cases such as cases of Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson as well as not so high profile cases. She is a great feminist, a lawyer who is a fighter and is fearless in expressing her views and her opinions openly to the world.

A victim of sexual assault should choose one’s lawyer with proper care and understanding as one decision can cause the victim to get justice.

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