Simple Tuber Simulator Cheats

There are various kinds of players in the world, there are those who want to do everything one step at a time and those who continuously find ways to make the game easier to play. Players who love to start at the most difficult level and those who just want to chill out while playing; of course there’s nothing wrong with playing either way. If you’re playing PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator and you belong to the latter kind of players then you might want to try some tuber simulator cheats. These are collective strategies thought of by other various players worldwide.

Yes we mentioned the word cheat but we don’t necessarily mean that you would cheat the system. All we mean is that you should implement strategies that would best get you to the top; being on top means that you get to kick PewDiePie out of the number one spot. That’s your goal anyway in the game, you do your best to help your pocket tuber gain views and subscribers in order to become the most famous in the chart. There are a number of ways as to how you can achieve your pocket tuber’s dream in no time.


Pay Attention to Daily Quests

Every day you will be give four (essentially) free quests, you need to watch an advertisement to access one of them. There are also three more available quests that you can do, but you have to pay some Bux if you want to access them; Bux is the in-game money other than the views. Another option is to watch multiple videos here and there in order to receive a surprise quest. We highly recommend that you finish all the quests offered for the day, more quests means more viewers, subscribers and even Bux for your pocket Tuber.


Always Upgrade Your Knowledge Tree

Go to the Knowledge Tree window and you’ll see a lot of skills available for upgrade as well as those involving the trends. Whenever you upgrade any skill in your knowledge tree, it greatly increases the total number of views you receive for every video that you make; we all know how important views are. In order to upgrade the said skills, you need to either buy furniture or accessories in the room that’s related to the skill you want to initially improve or purchase the said skills found on the knowledge tree.


In order to upgrade the said skills on the tree, you need to purchase them using ‘brains’ as currency. You receive brains when you either level up or purchase certain room upgrades. Keep in mind that you should initially upgrade the ‘View Boost’ and ‘Streaming’ on the knowledge tree. But don’t forget to also boost the other skills, we recommend that you concentrate on one skill at a time. It’s not really practical to spread out the updates; it’s better to have one skills at level 10 rather than 10 levels at level 1, that won’t do any considerable good.

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