Why Should you take a ferry to Batam

Batam ferries come in all shapes and sizes and with varying prices for the travellers. Although a few people complain of the waiting time to take the ferry, it is still considered to be the most convenient ways of reaching Singapore. batam_fast_ticket_1427760894_24e0b509

The rides can take anywhere between 40 minutes to over an hour to reach Singapore. And the ferry to Batam takes just as much, if not more, with which delay happens occasionally, but get your ferry ticket to Batam beforehand. Considering the fact that you are here and reading this article, let me get on quickly to why you should be travelling to Batam if you’re visiting Singapore.Sindo Ferry Timetable Schedule

  1. Batam is an island in Indonesia, which is popular with the tourists. It is a well-known shopping destination, where you can get everything you need at reasonable prices. So, if you’re on a budget and still want to spend a little cash on gifts for your family, Batam is the place to do just that!
  2. Batam spas are also very famous. You will find all kinds of spas ranging from affordable to luxurious, depending on your choices. You just have to seek the right place.
  3. Golf course at Batam are made for the pros. If you too love golfing or wish to simply take in the serenity of a golf course, then visit the golf courses at Batam. Not only are they a great way to spend your time, but also a way to rejuvenate yourself after all the travelling that you’ll be partaking.
  4. There are specially tours all across the island in which you can get yourself enrolled. They take tourists on all kinds of theme based activities. Some even have island tours where you visit the nearby islands which surround Batam. Temple tours, shopping tours and food tours are the most common. We suggest you talk to the organizers and create a private tour filled with activities according to your liking.

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