Top 5 Beauty Accessories that every woman should own

If a product is tagged to be the best in the America, everybody around the world gives it a try. Well, it makes the product; “Best in the entire world”. But, is it true? However, the Marie Claire’s Excellence de la Beaute has decided to take a survey on the beauty products and beauty accessories that were tagged as the best across the globe and did a voting to conclude the top 5 best beauty accessories that every woman in the world should own. Have a look. While some of them are apparently costly, some are affordable but everyone of them are worth on spending every buck you have. 9171_3268_lxjizd2zs7dc8ndz960ovswae

Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush:

Coming in different flavours and various forms say apricot, rose, raspberry or liquid, cream, gel, powder or fuchsia; blush is the ultimate pick upper. You need it to liven your face up and give you a fabulous look with your apple cheeks popping out. Blush is the ultimate finish of the face just like the painting to a house and the Revlon assures you to give the best output.

E.L.F. Studio Complete Coverage Concealer: 43693_travelgiftset_1

With the hectic life schedule and many job roles to perform, having a perfect face without acne or blemish is a daydream. Most of us are intensely plagued by pimples, redness, dark circles, acne and blemishes. Therefore, it’s highly needed to hide or mask these tiny imperfections to bring the perfect outlook. Well, who does that better than this complete coverage concealer?

Olay Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream:

Eyes are the most prettiest things in a girl. They say eyes are the transparent windows to look into a woman’s soul and it’s important to maintain eyes beautifully, and that explains the number of eyes makeup products. But what if you’re ageing and the skin under your eye is wrinkling as a sign? These wrinkles are inevitable and natural and therefore, you need to have a preventive to fight against. Start with the Olay Eye cream that helps you reduce the under eye puffiness and baggage and also which brightens the dark shadowed skin.

Dr Jart Black Label Detox BB Cream:

 Blemish Beauty creams are ruling the beauty world for a while now. They act as a miracle when it comes to multi-performance in just a single tube. The cosmeceutical invention is all the rage because of the toner, primer, foundation and moisturiser packed together in a single tube and you don’t have to apply four layers of everything every time to cover the acne. This multi-duty cream comes handy even in the direst situations.

Revlon Super Lustrous Crème Lipstick:

Every girl should own a tube of red lipstick. I mean, it is a mandatory. What are you going to wear in a boardroom or a bar to flaunt your beauty? What are you going to wear at the presentation to display your oozing confidence? What are you going to wear to a marriage where pouting is going to be the ultimate fun? Be it cinnamon, crimson, cardinal red, candy apple or cherry red; the Revlon Creme Lipstick enhances your bold beauty when selected accurately with your body complexion.

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