Top Advantages Of Water Cleaning Systems

Planning a big spring cleaning and you don`t know which cleaning company to choose – there is no need to struggle, with the following advantages of water cleaning systems mentioned in this list, you can easily take the right pick.

A great idea is to begin with the inspection of the dirtiest objects in the house, which are usually carpets, rugs and other upholstery that see everyday foot traffic.

Then, thoroughly inspect the condition of these dirty objects – where are located the soiled spots, how many of them are truly dirty and how many may need just a quick pre-vacuuming, and their size as well. It`s good to consider your expectation of the overall look of these objects after deep cleaning and so you should easily determine which professional cleaners with which cleaning solutions to choose.

In most cases, it comes to truly persistent and heavily soiled carpets, rugs, upholstery, sofas, etc., and so a great idea is to choose a cleaning company that uses water extraction cleaning systems. See why!

Water cleaning systems is the method

One of the top advantages of the water cleaning systems is the method of application of the detergent solutions and the chemical compounds. They`re first dissolved in the water and then they`re applied onto the carpet and rugs surfaces. There are rental carpet cleaning machines, which also reduce the drying time and thus eliminate the chance of breathing volatile detergent compounds.

Another major advantage of the water cleaning system is the choice between hot water extraction and cold-water extraction. There are rugs and carpets with very sensitive fibers, colors and textures. They have to be protected from exposure of a direct sunlight, as well as powerful detergents and most of all – hot water or steam and hydrogen peroxide uses for skin. Because of that, cold-water extraction is the most appropriate way for deep cleaning.

Simple homemade cleaning solution

You can even clean them by yourself and by making a simple homemade cleaning solution of cold water and shampoo, soap or another common degreaser. The method of application is also simple – treat the spots with the solution by rubbing well with a clean towel until a foam forms onto the carpet. Let it soak for few minutes and wipe of the excess with another clean towel. After complete cleaning for a couple of hours or maybe even a whole day depending on the type of the carpet, you can enjoy its freshly outlook like it`s new, without the risk of damaging its beautiful, sharp and vivid colored fibers.

When it comes to the hot water cleaning system – its main benefit is from the sensitively reduced drying time. It is due to the heat, which enhances the evaporation and usually the carpets can be used in less than a couple of hours after deep cleaning.

The benefits from the hot water are myriad and another main advantage is the use of less chemical compounds and detergent solutions. For example, the hot water itself acts as the perfect degreaser, because the greater the heat – the easier the extraction of the greasy areas.

Moreover, you can also add a tiny amount of a sanitizing and deodorizing agent in the water tank of the machine and so to do all the important steps from the big spring cleaning of the carpets and the rugs with just one treatment. To enhance the clean effect – just apply a tiny coat of protective spray or solution over the surfaces in order to protect the fibers from super drying.

Hot water cleaning systems use the technology to wipe of stains with the use of heat on the fabrics. It takes less detergent and solutions to wipe off such stains. The water itself acts as the biggest healer and it helps in the extraction of the greasy areas. It is important to see that the water used is clean and fresh.

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