Trying to remember your Wi-Fi Password? Here how you can go about!

Wi-Fi, also called wireless fidelity is a technology that enables to connect electronic devices like laptops, computers, tablets etc. to a wireless LAN Network that enables us to access the web. But the process of connecting to any Wi-Fi network requires a secure key password authentication.

There are times when we visit a place and every time we open up the wireless feture on in our smartphones, we may come across a list of several networks but in order to connect to one we need to be aware of the key. There can be situations when we might forget the password of our own network or want to know the password of an external network but how can that be achieved is what we are going to discuss about. unnamed

For Windows 7 and Windows XP operating System

  • Click on “Network and Sharing Centre” in the control panel and then you will find an option “Mange wireless networks” on the left hand side. Press it.
  • Double click on the name of the network you want to connect to in the list that appears.
  • Now go to the “Properties” option and then click “Show Characters” in the security tab and that is where the magic happens! Yes, you can now see your password!wifipassworddecryptor_mainscreen_big

For Windows 8 and 10

Here you will need to use the command prompt in order to retrieve a Wi-Fi password. The steps are:

  • Right click on the option “Command Prompt” from the start menu and you will find a black screen opening in front of you’
  • Then, you need to type in a specific command as shown and be particular about the case of alphabets.
  • This will let you achieve a list of Wi-Fi networks now in order to find the password of your specific profile type in another command which is
  • netlsh wlan show profile name=profile name key=clear
  • Note: The profilename should be the name of network you need the password of after which look out for “Key Content” option where you will get your password.

In case the these options not work the other option to look out for is to Reset Your Router

The first step is to log on into your router for which you must be aware of physical address in order to get access it and then reset your Wi-Fi password.

Mostly all typical routers come up with a reset button; Press it with a pen for at least ten seconds. This will cause a change in its factory settings.

After the reset is done you need to go about setting a new username and password for which you can visit website website will offer you the default username and password for each and every router that has ever been created.

Hence, retrieving a lost Wi-Fi password is no more difficult just go on and try on these options and you will definitely thank us for this!

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