Want To Know How Fast Your Fingers Move On The Mouse? Do The Click Speed Test

The digital age has made us more adaptable to things like computers, mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc. technology is ever-expanding and providing us with things to make our life easier. But even with touch screens, a day never passes without clicking on the mouse. Click speed test is a way of testing your speed on the mouse.

Test your speed

How fast your fingers are on the mouse is a fun game that will tell your speed through four cute animals. You have to open CPStester.com and choose the speed from 1 second to 100 seconds. A fox, a rabbit, a cow, and a slug are the animals that depict your speed.

How fast are you?

  • If your clicks per second are greater than 10, then your speed is that of a fox
  • If your clicks per second are lesser than 10, your speed is that of a rabbit 
  • If your click per second is lesser than 8, then you have got the speed of a cow
  • If your click per second is lesser than eight, then you are a slug, and you need a lot of improvement.

Please do it for fun

Gamers use this a lot as they need to be fast on the mouse so that they can always be ahead of their competitors. You can do it just for fun and try beating your score. The click speed test has been on the internet for a long time, and people Google it to check how fast their fingers are on the mouse.

Instead of googling it, you can directly enter the web page, choose the time you want, and start clicking on the big box available in the middle of the page. Click at the maximum speed and get the highest score. Try it as many times as you can and enjoy by beating your score.

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