What are Post Pregnancy Massages

A good day to all you new moms and moms-to-be out there reading this article, you might be wondering why you should get a massage after giving birth. Well there are a lot of benefits to this actually and it can be a great treat too. A post pregnancy massage is actually a great choice for complimentary post natal care. It relieves all kinds of stress that your body has gone through during and after your whole pregnancy.image001 Numerous establishments offer this kind of massage and their masseuse are well trained for this particular kind of massage so you won’t have to worry about anything. All you have to do is literally lie down, relax your mind and body; you’ll immediately feel all the tension and stress seep away. It’s obvious that a lot of you have never tried this kind of massage before, so we’ll give you a faint idea. Keep in mind that not all establishments offer the same style and procedure in their post pregnancy massages.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcQ0hURIHvxohpYLWFYxeWSv98uE6945sFfFbHi4yUqQv-YkztQoCA

An Overview of Post Pregnancy Massages

Post pregnancy massages are full body massages given to moms everyday for about 40 days after they have given birth. The expert masseuses of post pregnancy and newborn massages are called maalishwalis or japa maids. New moms have two choices with regards to the services offered, either the expert  masseuse comes to your house once a day to perform the massage or they can move in for the initial 40 days to provide massages and help out with the baby care.

Post pregnancy massages start at the feet and they move upward and finish off with a relaxing head massage. This is actually a traditional practice that has helped moms relax for generations now. All of us have a good idea how hard it is to adjust to motherhood especially if they are first time moms. All the body ache and sleepless nights during pregnancy doesn’t stop there. Giving birth is another trial in itself, but a trial that’s totally worth everything the mom has endured when they see their baby for the take its first breath. Once they take the baby home then it’s another kind of chaos that involves a lot of crying and even more sleepless nights while recovering from the birthing process. That’s why a lot of moms seek post pregnancy massages; a little relaxation among the chaos never hurt anyone.

There is a challenge presented to those new moms that want to schedule post pregnancy massages. How can you steal an hour away from yourself? That’s a whole without worrying about the baby or thinking about anything else that might be stressful. As a mom, we know that you can’t help but think about the baby as you’re getting your massage especially when there’s no one else to look after them.  We suggest that you ask the child’s grandmother, your sibling or even your partner if they’re not too busy to watch the baby for a while.

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