What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is the reason that millionsare glued to their devices be it the Xbox 360, Playstation3, or Windows laptop. This game was created by a self-taught Swedish programmer who goes by the name Markus Person in 2009 and he claims now to have a hundred million registered users of the game. You will not find this game in advertisements or a huge billboard, but it has caught the fancy of millions. Children and even adults are obsessed with the game. The Minecraft Server List is a list of popular servers where people from all over the world can join and play together.

About the game:

Minecraft is described as a first-person sandbox game; to the person who’s illiterate to the world of gaming, is nothing but a virtual environment where you have to dig holes to collect virtual cubes. It’s what you do with the cubes afterwards is what makes the game interesting. You can make anything with those cubes – it can be a hut made of mud, a sprawling mansion, or large-sized working computers, literally ‘anything’. The power of this game lies in one’s imagination and creativity. However, be warned in the sense that the game does not guarantee it being fun from the moment you start playing it. The game can become quite boring and monotonous at one point, as you have to collect a large amount of blocks again and again to make something useful.


To add some fun to the game, the creator has included zombies, ghouls and the like that attack you at night. You have to carve out a weapon or design some form of a defense mechanism to shield yourself from the wave of monsters.

The game has other playing modes as well like creative mode, hardcore mode, survival mode, and spectator mode. Some of these modes offer additional abilities like flight, while others take away something, like unlimited lives to make it tougher to survive. What I take away from this game is that you have to invest an insane amount of time in it, but after that you can create something beautiful. The main reason for its immense popularity is that it gives you the freedom to let your imagination go wild and let you build ‘anything you want’.



People can play multiplayer either by joining a private-hosted server or a business-hosted server. People can even create a server of their own which others can join. Players canjoin a single world that is connected through LAN networks without a server setup. Multiplayer servers in Minecraft add something new to the game like, every server can have its own unique rules. Server operators can also enforce restrictions based on usernames and IP addresses. Multiplayer servers also allow PvP that lets the players fight with each other. Custom plug-ins in a server adds many new features that lets you do things considered impossible before.


The Minecraft Server List lists the top Minecraft servers all over the world. You can join any of these servers and play in a single world. It’s quite easy to join a server.

You open the Minecraft game, and select the multiplayer option from the main menu. Click on add server, and then add the IP address of that server. Googling Minecraft Server List will show a ton of sites filled with amazing multiplayer servers. You can join a server with thousands of players or ones that play a specific mode. It’s totally up to you, download the game now and get lost in the world of world virtual blocks. Have fun!

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